Gabon – Ali Bongo Ondimba and Jean Ping have filed appeals to the Constitutional Court

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Ali Bongo Ondimba and Gabonese Jean Ping, the two presidential rivals, have both filed appeals Thursday before the Constitutional Court. Each camp is estimated to have found fraud in some areas during the vote on August 27.


Jean Ping camp filed Thursday 8 September an appeal regarding the region of the upper Ogooué, learned from JeanGaspardNelson, campaign manager for Jean Ping. In the home province of the outgoing head of the State, the participation rate has officially reached 99.98% in the presidential elections.


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Opposition has stopped, since the vote, to demand a recount of votes, polling station by polling station, in this region. Jean Ping had previously hesitated to lodge an appeal, that the Constitutional Court could not be impartial.


Meanwhile, Ali Bongo Ondimba also filed appeals regarding “certain abnormal percentages in some areas”, says a manager of the camp of the president. Notably, Alain Claude Bilie By Nze, spokesman for the candidate, denounced “massive fraud” in the province of the Woleu-Ntem, who has a reputation for being a stronghold of the opposition.


A delegation of Heads of State of the African Union was still awaited in Libreville to try to defuse the crisis. His arrival was postponed indefinitely by the AU in the afternoon.

Mathieu Olivier


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