Nigeria: Full-blown Sharia law imminent, CAN raises alarm – Says Islamist elements in govt to execute Islamisation agenda

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DISTURBED by the recent announcement of President Mu­hammadu Buhari that Nigeria had joined a coalition of Islamic countries combating terrorism, an organ of the Christian Asso­ciation of Nigeria (CAN), Na­tional Christian Elders Forum, has revealed that it has on good authority, plans by the Federal Government to impose Sharia Law on every state of the federa­tion. The Christian Forum further revealed that there were some Islamist elements already in the country with the sole aim of Is­lamising the country.

Chairman of the forum, Mr. Solomon Asemota, SAN, sup­ported by Christian leaders like the Bishop of Kafanchan Dio­cese of Catholic Church, Joseph Bagobiri, among others, the elders told journalists at a press conference that the Islamic ele­ments in the country were al­ready working towards achiev­ing the goal of making Nigeria a Sharia state. “We are aware that there are Islamists in government prepar­ing to execute the Islamisation agenda. Any nation in which Islamists believe that they are sufficiently strong to exercise influence rarely experience peaceful cohabitation among the divergent groups within it.

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“This is the current situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Ara­bia, and the Sudan. Islamism thrives on injustice, inequality and unfairness. We urge Nige­rians to remain circumspect so that the Islamists do not drag the nation down the path of destruc­tion.

“In the build up to the 2015 elections, majority of Nigerians expressed great hope that there would be change in the nation. However, ten months after the new government was sworn into office, credible apprehen­sion can be expressed given the policy direction of the new ad­ministration. We hope that the buildup to these policies do not result in full blown Sharia which President Muhammadu Buhari had promised Muslims in Nige­ria,” Asemota noted on behalf of other elders.

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Speaking further on President Buhari’s recent actions which suggest that the motion was al­ready in place to entrench Sharia law, the elders said: “The inclu­sion of Nigeria in the Saudi Ara­bia Military Coalition of “Mus­lim/Arab” nations would appear that the Foreign Policy thrust of the this administration is to make Nigeria a satellite state of Saudi Arabia. The strengthening of the nation’s democracy and security for all should remain the greatest priority of government.

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“This we see to have been negated by the President’s fiat/ unilateral decision to enlist Ni­geria in the 34 nations Muslim/ Arab coalition. Given the emo­tive and sensitive nature of this unilateral Executive decision, it should have been handled by Mr. President in line with our democratic culture through popular discussion and partici­pation by the citizenry, or at the very least, through the National Assembly.”

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