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The most worrisome one is; they have been kidnapping and raping women. They have been destroying farms and killing innocent people in my local government- Agwu. When my people went to the streets to protest; 76 of them were arrested for peacefully protesting against Fulani onslaught. When the call for their release and questions why they were arrested became significant; Buhari told us his military did not arrest them. If the military did not arrest them; then who arrested them in Agwu?

Another was in Agatu; these Buhari’s foot soldiers gruesomely murdered over 500 Christians. Buhari did not condemn their act or cried as he cried due to the election he lost in Rivers. The next development was to tell the world that Rivers is the most deadly state. Who and who were killed in Rivers by APC through Amaechi?. If the four people killed in election violence warrants labelling Rivers most deadly state; then 500 Christians his brothers/ foot soldiers killed in same place is not crime or worth any alarm. In Rivers; Buhari is yet to tell us what he kept there that he is planning to take by all means. If Rivers is most deadly state then; Bornu is the most lively state; Adamawa etc. To Buhari; where his foot soldiers are killing hundreds are not considered deadly or crime state. If Fulani herdsmen are not criminals; then they are simply his foot Soldiers working to fulfill Islamization agenda.

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One would wonder why these Fulani herdsmen cannot be arrested or contained. One would wonder how they get armed; they even Kidnap our royal fathers and kill. No arrest will be made and neither will they be engaged. As the foot soldiers of the fanatic called Buhari; they enjoy immunity that you will disappear even when you demonstrate your displeasure. They have killed more than Boko Haram and kidnapped more than Boko Haram; we have only stayed and watched while Buhari depopulate us to enable his religious invasion. These Fulani herdsmen are his foot soldiers and there is need to wake up before night comes again upon us. They are officially armed by Islamic leaders of Nigeria to carry out onslaught; a cold war to enable silent extermination. Christian-Biafrans are the target and never shall they attack Muslims, Muslim farms, kidnap or rape Muslims. Their objective is Christain- Biafrans and they have the backing of powers that be.

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