Free Thinkers Wants Liberians Refrain From Utterances

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…That Will Undermine GAC Report

The Free Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia is calling on the public to refrain from making utterances that has the proclivity of undermining the purpose and intent of the Agreed Upon Procedure (AUP) audit conducted by the GAC.

“While we welcome the ongoing public debate on the GAC factual findings, we are at the same time opposed to the manner and form the reputation of Central Bank of Liberia Executive Governor Nathaniel Patray, III has been portrayed,” a release quotes the group as saying.

The release: “We like to state that Governor Patray since his appointment by President George Manneh Weah and subsequent confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate and in collaboration with the Board of Governors of the CBL has been making frantic efforts aimed at mitigating the huge economic burden that our country is faced with.”
The group in the release said it is highly unthinkable  that Governor Patray acting in his capacity as chief executive officer of the CBL will usurp the functions and responsibilities of various departments and staff of the bank to the extent to which the US$25 million mop-up exercise was conducted.

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“It is our understanding that every employee of the Central Bank of Liberia has an assigned Term of Reference (TOR) based on the position they occupy and at the same time they are under fiduciary obligation to ensure maximum integrity and credibility in the performance of their respective duties.

Against this backdrop, the Free Conscious Independent and Thinkers of Liberia are of the opinion that the employees and/or departments of the Central Bank of Liberia that participated in the disbursement procedures, receipt, deposit and repayment processes be questioned for their individual role played rather than attempting to shift their actions and inactions on the Executive Governor, Hon. Nat Patray, III, knowing fully well that crimes are not transferable under our laws,” it said.

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Free Thinkers also said “it is highly disappointing that employees at the CBL who are responsible for accounting and internal auditing will allow the huge unorthodox and fraudulent handling of US$25M mop up of excess Liberian dollars to go ahead unnoticed. Could this be as a result of collusion? We need answers as quickly as possible.”


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