Fidel Castro, father of the Cuban Revolution, died at 90

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The father of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro (photo), died Friday at the age of 90, announced his brother Raul on Cuban television. Raul Castro, who succeeded Fidel Castro in 2006, said that the body of the former leader would be cremated on Saturday, according to his wishes.

“Tonight at 10:29, Cuban Revolutionary Commander Fidel Castro Ruz is dead,” said Raul Castro, dressed in the olive-green uniform popularized by his brother when he was leading the communist island. “Until the victory, always,” he concluded, resuming the deaths so often pronounced by Fidel Castro.

Having come to power in 1959, the former lawyer ruled Cuba with an iron hand for nearly five decades and took a central place during the Cold War.

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Diabolized by the United States and its allies, Fidel Castro has nevertheless aroused the admiration of millions of militants and leaders of the left, in Africa and Latin America, in particular, where several leaders claim to his legacy.

Considéré comme une menace pour le monde libre, le régime communiste cubain a nargué des années durant les Etats-Unis, symboles du capitalisme occidental et distants d’à peine 150 kilomètres et a vu passer neuf présidents se succéder à la Maison blanche.

Malgré les efforts déployés par les Etats-Unis, la CIA et les anticastristes, c’est la maladie qui a fini par vaincre “El Comandante”, qui a passé le relais du pouvoir à son frère, Raul, à titre provisoire en 2006, définitivement en 2008.

Si Raul a toujours glorifié son frère et son oeuvre, il a parallèlement oeuvré pour ouvrir l’île communiste par une politique de petits pas, introduisant des réformes économiques et surtout, en rétablissant les relations diplomatiques avec Washington en 2014.

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Fidel Castro est resté discret sur le rapprochement opéré par son frère et il n’a pas rencontré Barack Obama lorsque ce dernier s’est rendu à Cuba en mars dernier, une première pour un président américain depuis 1928.

He denounced a few weeks later the “honeymoon” attitude of Barack Obama, reminding the Cubans of the efforts made by the United States over the decades to overthrow the Havana regime.

Reclus, Fidel Castro had no more functions in recent years, merely publishing in the press commentaries evoking the affairs of the world or meeting foreign leaders.

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His death, which would have previously caused intense questions about the future of the island, should not arouse the slightest difficulty in the immediate, as the base of his brother Raul seems solid.

The 85-year-old promised to retire at the end of his term in 2018, and the Cuban Communist Party has promoted to the Politburo a new generation of leaders, including Miguel Diaz-Canel, first deputy chairman and heir Alleged.

“I do not think that Fidel’s death is a real test, the real test will be the transmission of the witness to the next generation and what will happen when Raul withdraws,” said Phil Peters of the Lexington Institute in Virginia. The death of Fidel Castro.

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