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This is why a child like Churchill Okonkwo would come out spitting on the grave of 3.5 million lives and hundreds of lives lost as a result of sustaining the opposing creation of Lugard called ‘Nigeria’. One would wonder why an inferior child like him would extol the creation of another man without making his own creation. Okonkwo is a Biafran name but the reality remains we have more of Ese’s circumstance than we can imagine. A true Biafran will not worship man’s creation or extol it to a certain extent, he will either restore God’s original plan.

Last year FAMILY WRITERS rose from a meeting and declared that Sahara reporters will be logically silenced on Biafra issue. The declaration was communicated through open letters, expository articles and thus they were humbled by FAMILY WRITERS ‘declaration’. The reason for the declaration was because of their deliberate effort to harness violence by means of instigating Nigerians against Biafrans and the public against Nnamdi Kanu. This was even as one of their journalists was caught circulating false pictures of the said-victims of Biafran protest and finally aiding the persecution of an innocent man as they have aided many others.

The declaration binds but just lately, Sahara reporters were seen loitering on Biafra issue. They have failed to engage in debates but instead choose to rant and write like men without IQ. They have resurrected again as the tool in the hands of Buhari to keep us subjugated and under technical slavery as one Nigeria. They have come again preaching the need to embrace Buhari- the man that said for giving Biafrans ministerial positions that he does not know what we want again. They have come with the sermon of one Nigeria when we were divided into Southeast and Southsouth to remain ineffective minority. They are not even coming with any option rather than the sermon of over 45years ago ‘National unity’. they have called Biafrans jobless and frustrated people while none of their journalists can match FAMILY WRITERS neither can any Nigerian stand before IPOB C.O.C; Cliford Iroanya in profession and debate.

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I was not surprised that FAMILY WRITERS silenced them since all these while but wondered why they are out again. Buhari last week admitted that Biafra has come to stay but that he would not allow it stand; that was the first time the President knew that Biafra has gone beyond him. Coming from an international media was another feat that he never thought was possible and until the snap referendum is mandated or declaration by might, Sahara reporters will continue kidding and playing pranks with reality. Admitting the reality before you is just a matter of time and let us wait while it unfolds. The issue today is no longer Biafra is dead or alive; we have all seen and convinced that Biafra is alive. What is trending now is will this Biafra we are all seeing stand or not, and I can assure you that Biafra will stand to never fall again.

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What they have preached is to go back to the days we say we don’t care; let the government do whatsoever they want but leave our shops open. They are irked that the dreams of our forefathers have been taken up by brave men of this generation. They found it disturbing to the fact we today demand our right and inheritance; if 3.5 million lives cannot give us Biafra then let Nigeria exist no more or lose theirs. Biafra is disturbing because it is a call of justice, emergence of Biafra is resurrection of justice Nigeria sat upon for so long. They have labeled the attack their ‘concern’ but indeed the concern of their pay-master. They tend to build our hearts on how to accept our subjugation, suffering and slavery in good faith. They said the call for Biafra is not worthy, that 3.5 million lives should be in vain. They know that Nigeria has made us poor but refused to praise rich Nnamdi Kanu who chose to die for us poor Biafrans.

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They have lied against us that we complained that Boko Haram was not defeated; these hypocrites have failed to grasp that we said that Boko Haram cannot stop because attack against Boko Haram is attack against Buhari’s children. Has Boko Haram stopped? And why must I even join issue, am I a Nigerian? They have compared us to immoral and corrupt Nigerians who thrive on monopoly; who killed Ibeto our own blood and held us down; they have urged us to be immoral and learn the trades of a criminal and join criminality to survive. For embracing our only future “Biafra” they have seen fault in us, what can one really achieve without freedom? It is enough because we are done in Nigeria, any medication to restore Nigeria in us is medicine after death.

Finally, I urge Sahara reporters to abide by the declaration of staying away from issue of Biafra as there is no moral credence to any suggestion or opinion whatsoever. There is need to be professionals and engage in debates than stay in the comfort of your lodge with the smell of journal bribery ‘Naira’ oozing out. Biafra is justice and let he who comes to Biafra come with clean hands.


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