EXPOSED: How ASSU MOUAU Tricks Members To Sign Against Recall Of The Sacked 384 Staff

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Evidence on the ground has shown that the leadership of a faction of ASSU MOUAU has been bribed to the tune of 15m by the VC Prof. Otunta to threaten crisis in the University following the directive from the Nigeria Senate’s to recall the 384 sacked staff of the University.

The threat to commence industrial crisis if the suspended staff are given back their jobs is contained In a letter to the Nigeria Senate Captioned “INTERFERENCE IN THE MANAGEMENT OF MICHAEL OKPARA UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE, UMUDIKE BY THE SENATE COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION” signed by Comrade Chinyere A. Echendu and Comrade Francis A. Nkaa, and copied to The Executive Sec, NUC, Minister of Education, The Senate President and the President.

In the letter, the Union expressed their unalloyed support to the VC’s stubborn refusal to recall the 384 staff who were unlawfully sacked by the management of MOUAU, posing to stage industrial crisis that may engulf the whole university system, a threat which the federal government should view as what it is: a hate speech, as it is characterized with features of intended violence and terrorism.

It was gathered that some members of the union who attended the emergency meeting on 20/05/18 walked out in anger after being tricked to sign the attendance first before the agenda of the meeting was announced. The leadership of that faction fraudulently used the signed attendance to represent those who gave their assent not to reinstate the sacked staff.


Recall that the Nigeria Senate during its plenary agreed to adopt the recommendations of the committee on ethics and privileges which states that since the employment of the 384 staff followed due process and a certificate of compliance issued to MOUAU by the Federal Character Commission, they should be recalled and paid their arrears of salaries.

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In his usual familiar display of arrogance and hard-heartedness, Prof. Otunta who has sworn to destroy everything Prof. Edeoga has built for the university has been in Abuja trying to bribe his way at the ministry of education but failed to succeed has decided to use a faction of ASSU MOUAU to cause crisis in the name of solidarity to stop the recall of the sacked staff who their salaries have been going into the coffers of the VC.

Recall that in a video trending on the social media, Sen. Anyanwu boldly stood in the National Assembly’s plenary while presenting his report and clearly insinuated that the VC, Prof. Otunta came to bribe him but was turned down and now the malicious faction of ASSU MOUAU have come up with a fabricated story about the report of the fact-finding committee which had in reality, exonerated Prof. Edeoga’s administration of all the allegation petitioned to the President by these cynics.

The public may need to know that 2016, 2017 and 2018 budget accommodated the salaries of the over 800 staff sacked by Otunta and for over a year now, their salaries have been coming and questions have been asked on the whereabouts of these salaries, no tangible answer have been given.

Just as His Excellency, Sen. T. A. Orji said during the plenary, “it is only fair that the university should pay the arrears and compensation to the affected staff for the illegal sack issued them, since their salaries have been coming in’’.

There is also the need to ask why Otunta has chosen to share the resources meant for the development of the university in his numerous but fruitless efforts to bribe his way out of a mess he conveniently let himself into rather than doing the right thing.

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If the sack of the affected staff was legal, why then does he go this far to bribe so as to have his way in this matter?

Prof. Otunta has spent 2years causing confusion so as to create the avenue to liquidate the resources of MOUAU by implication, throwing the Prof. Edeoga’s 5years of hard work and apparent growth to the wind.

It is also on record that MOUAU staff have not received complete salaries for close to 2years now but this faction of ASSU did not see the need to call the VC, Prof. Otunta to order in that line. To say there has been a high rise of impunity since Prof. Otunta took over the mantle of leadership is to state the obvious.

Since his inception as VC in 2016, The University has recorded bizarre stories ranging from;
(1) Non-payment of complete salaries
(2) Increase in cultism and Rape
(3) SACK of over 800 staff
(4) VC fighting with his PA (Nephew) in the office over money and later went to the village for oath taking.
(5) VC impregnating students and flying them abroad
(6) VC’s wife intimidating and failing beautiful female students who she thinks may be attractive to the husband
(7) VC’s constant use of the University’s funds for bribery.
(8) Prof. Osedeke-ASSU national Vice-Chairman impregnating an under-aged student and agreed to marry her when the girl’s family threatened a legal action.
(9) Constant extortion of the students.
(10) Vandalizing and sales of the street light installed by Edeoga by the deputy security officer as commanded by the Otunta.

A source close to the management has also confirmed that the Otunta is boasting that the Senate has no right and will never influence his decisions no matter the efforts put in by the senators representing the 3 constituencies in Abia State. This certainly is a slap in the face of Abia State as a whole.

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According to the source, the PRO Adamma Odefa has reiterated that as long as Sen. Abaribe, Sen. T. A Orji and Sen. Ohoabunwa are not from APC, their efforts to ensure the recall will be without success.

But just a quick reminder to the MOUAU PRO who also said that the university management do not care if the affected staff are from Abia on the front page of “THE RECORNER” newspaper that her husband Kanayo Nwachukwu who is the E-media adviser to the governor of Abia state is feeding on the PDP and any contempt or disdainful statement on the distinguished senators representing Abia state, the landlord of MOUAU, is an insult to the whole Abians.

The general public, Abians and the whole Igbos are therefore encouraged to join hands to fight this evil man prof. Otunta who has come to destroy the University meant to profit and develop the people and its environs.
It has often been said that the Igbos are enemies to their own selves, this must not be made true in this situation.

The Nigerian Senate must not allow themselves to be cowed by a union which has been infiltrated by individuals driven by intense malicious and dirty spirits.
Rather than giving their evil and inhumane petition any attention, efforts should be made to get them the much needed medical attention in one of the good psychiatric homes in the country.

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