Exposed – Bini People Are Emigrant Igbos, While Yorubas Are From Bini

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The link between the people of Bini kingdom in Edo state, mid-west of Nigeria and their Igbo neigbours have been clearly established. Binis are an emigrant branch of the Igbo race while Yorubas are emigrant Binis. They left Nri under the leadership of Igodo to found Igodomigodo due to nso – ani. Hence Bini language and culture is similar to Igbo.

This is according to Victor Wilberforce, critical thinker and a social engineer who identified this amazing links between the Binis and the Igbos. Many had claimed that the die hard and dare devil attitude of the Binis can only be related to that of their Igbo neighbors.

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Victor Wilberforce further highlighted that the Yorubas are emigrant Binis. As Oduduwa or Izoduwa who left Binin about 900 years ago to found Yoruba in Ife still bears Igbo name.

The Bini Igue Festival is borrowed from Nri Iguaro festival. The Bini 4 days of the week – Eken, Afon, Orien, Nkwon were borrowed from Nri.

The Bini succession by primogeniture is an adaptation of the Okpalabisi Igbo system that grants total rights of succession to the first son.

The customary Bini breaking of Kolanut is also derived from Nri. ‘Onye wetere oji wetere ndu’. The New Yam festival is a carry over from Nri. It is still celebrated with pomp and pageantry in Benin.

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The Ogiso dynasty of Igodo migodo is Igbo. Ogie – so means leader who must be followed. Till date Nri Priests are important in the coronation functions of the Obas of Benin.

The word OKORO which is the finest specimen of the male species amongst Igbos, also means Prince in Bini. Most people don’t know that even Bini counting is very similar to Igbo counting.

Do you know that the Bini still use the Igbo word EGO, EGHO for money. Many Bini towns still bear their Igbo names till date eg ISIUWA, IGUOBAZUWA.

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The Benin Prince called Oduduwa /Izoduwa /Imaduwa who left to Ife just 900 years ago bears his Igbo name and its meanings on leadership is clear to every Igbo.

Awka blacksmiths developed the Benin bronze works. A clear testimony is the Benin OKUKOR art work that was stolen from Benin and celebrated at Cambridge University. OKUKOR is the Igbo cockerel.

Every Igbo and Bini should realize that we are all one blood. We should demure from mutual aggression as we are one

Victor Wilberforce is a critical thinker and a social engineer

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