Eva Rap Diva Sells And Signs Her New Album “Eva” Under The Proud Look Of Her Mother

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The Angolan rapper, Eva Rap Diva, was in the Independence Square today to perform the sale and autograph session of her most recent album entitled “EVA” under the proud look of her mother Ana Paula.

The singer dedicated the album “EVA” to her mother, maternal grandmother, a remarkable figure in her education and life, from whom she inherited the name, and is also inspired and dedicated to all Angolan women and the world. The same is composed of songs about relationships, sacrifice, joy, pain, loss, celebration, affection, betrayal, God and his great love for Hip Hop.

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In an exclusive interview with AngoRussia, the rapper said that although the process of preparing the album was not easy, everything had a happy ending, like the title of her song that has Landrick participation.

“It was an intense process, it was many days of hard work, we had financial difficulties, but as inspiration and talent was not lacking in me and the team that works with me, everything has had its happy end. The audience will identify with this album because it is composed of songs with some kind of awareness and relevant content, “said Eva.

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In addition to the fans, family and friends of the singer, several artists such as: Black Show, Extreme Sign, Raptile, Francis-MC Cabinda, Zoca Zoca, Mauro Pastrana, Mr Smallz , Gaia Beat, Paz Cast, Extreme Sign, Detergent, Selda among other colleagues of the singer.

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