Chad – Women’s Entrepreneurship Startup

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The Startup Weekend Women event was opened on Friday, March 9, 2018, at the Wenak Innovation Hub. <span title=”La cérémonie s’est déroulée en présence du maire du 4ème arrondissement.

“>The ceremony took place in the presence of the mayor of the 4th arrondissement.

Startup Weekend Women is a global initiative. Bouchra Nassir Ousselat Td President Chix has located the origin of the concept: “the event that brings us together in this prestigious Innovation Hub has its origins in the historical event of entrepreneurs who reflected on the weekend startup is ie 54 hours to create your own Startup. <span title=”Un concept qui a eu lieu pour la première fois en 2007 grâce à l’incubateur californien Techstar »

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“>A concept that took place for the first time in 2007 thanks to the Californian incubator Techstar »

Startup Weekend Women sees the participation of a hundred young people this year. They came to compete with their startup projects. The participants will benefit from the advice of the professionals to concretize their business projects. This is the first women’s Startup weekend special. “This event will forever symbolize the revolution of Chadian women in a sector heavily dominated by men. <span title=”Durant 54 heures, nous femmes tchadiennes nous démontrons notre capacité à entreprendre, et notre détermination à reprendre notre place dans ce secteur », déclare Bouchra Nassir.

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“>During 54 hours we Chadian women we demonstrate our ability to undertake, and our determination to take our place in this sector, “said Bouchra Nassir.

The Startup Weekend is organized by the Women Wenaklab, the Network of Youth for Leadership Development in Chad and Td Chix.

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