End Of Days – Woman Gives Birth To Werewolf-Like Creature In Malaysia

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In recent times, unimaginable things happens around the world. There has been cases of women giving birth to half goat half human. There has been that of half dog half human.

However, in this bizarre case, a woman gave birth to a very scary werewolf like creature. The creature has a tail like a wild animal, while the skin looks like a white human skin.

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There is a two Snake fang-like upper teeth akin to that of a dangerous snake or other wild animals. Apart from the fang – like teeth, the creature’s head looks quite like that of a human with pair of eyes, ears, nostrils and hair on the head.

There is also hair along the mid vertebral position on the creatures back.

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Many has attributed these unusual occurrences as a sign of the end of days and an impending doom on the planet while others believe that all these are as a result of scientific experiments or weird individual try out unimaginable things.
See the photos below.

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