Embattled Candy Stallworth Resurfaces, Claims Innocence, Asks IPOB To Clear Her

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Candy Stallworth whose voice recording emerged last week after claiming she had met with Trump and set a date for Biafra referendum has been on hibernation ever since she was busted. Meanwhile she has emerged with facts that might prove her innocent after all. Below is what Candy posted on her Facebook wall earlier today.

“The real story of the voice recording . Back during Goodluck campaign, I worked for PDP , APC became very upset at me because I got alot of attention so they tried to take my facebook account down . Donald Ekpo , Kimberly Ogba , Chioma Powers and soji decided to set me up and get a voice recording, this was 4 yrs ago .
If you look at the texts from back then Donald was enraged because I character assassinate his name because he came after me first take me out off Facebook. So the voice recording the guy says his name is Monday, look at the texts the guy name on Facebook is Monday aka (Donald Ekpo ) .
This is how they take you out in politics .
Look at what transpired if you see it was nothing about Biafra , it was APC and PDP , if you read all the texts you will find your answer . I would never take money for my brothers and sisters freedom.
PLEASE like and share for my innocence and I tell IPOB to announce my innocence now !”

Embattled Miss Candy shared screenshots of her facebook chat with those who tried to set her up. See Screenshots below.

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But the question in the lips of everyone is this; even if candy is absolved of any wrong-doing in as regards the leaked audio tape, could it be true that she met with Trump? Was a date for Biafran referendum truly set? These and more are questions only candy can answer.

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