Egypt: Alleged EgyptAir hijacker ‘not involved in politics’ say neighbours

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Residents living in the neighborhood where a man who hijacked an Egyptian plane allegedly formerly lived said he kept to himself but that his family were “good people”. An EgyptAir plane flying from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked and forced to land in Cyprus on Tuesday (March 29) by an Egyptian. He was wearing what authorities later said was a fake suicide belt, and was arrested after giving himself up.

He was described by his neighbors as being “aloof”. Nasser al-Din Hanafy, whose mother-in-law lives in the apartment beneath the hijacker’s sisters, said that it was unlikely he had political motives. “His family are very respectable people.

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I think he has a mentally challenged younger brother. His sisters are colleagues with my wife – they are very respectable people. They have an unbelievably close relationship. We don’t have any concerns at all that he is involved in politics or anything like that; it’s very unlikely, very unlikely,” he said.

Kamal Hosny, who lives in the same neighborhood, said the man was known to have married a foreigner a long time ago, and left the country to live with his wife.

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“He used to live here, but he hasn’t lived here with us in a really long time. He traveled far away; he’s staying far away. We’re neighbors – we know the family – but he isn’t staying here at all. This is all the information I have,” he said.

Magdy Abu Islam, who lives in the apartment beneath the sisters, said the police recently came after the hijacker because of a “fraud-related issue”. “We know that he had problems with the government.

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Two or three months ago they came and put his family through trouble, even though they have nothing to do with it.

They have nothing to do with him at all,” he said. Islam added that two of the man’s brothers were summoned by the police earlier for questioning. None of the claims though.

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