DRC: controversy between the government and the Catholic Church

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the political bureau of the ruling party met on Thursday to “assess the situation” in the country. In a statement, he reacted to the remarks made by the cardinal of Kinshasa, Laurent Monsengwo, during the commemoration mass of the martyrs of independence. The cardinal returned to the repression of the demonstration on December 31, denouncing “police brutality”.

For the Presidential Majority, the cardinal held ” unjust and offensive remarks ” . Alain André Atundu, his spokesman believes that some representatives of the Church come out of their role here.

” Mass, as a commemoration of January 4, I believe it is a republican custom that is anchored in our mores. But of course the remarks made on this occasion are about circumstances that unfortunately suggest that the church leaves its role to be in the middle of the village to take up the cause with the followers of the seizure of power by the violence of the street and outside democratic means. It is the role of the church to be in the middle of the village, not to take up the cause. But here, the church has replaced the opposition that is sinking by offering him a rescue boom by this round that just opportunely give the hair of the beast to the radicalized political opposition, it must be said .

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No consensus on balance sheets

Regarding the latest violence, the battle of balance sheets continues. This Thursday, the Catholic Church delivered its first provisional assessment: five dead and more than 150 parishes ” assaulted “, according to a statement. The authorities also speak of five deaths recorded on December 31, but claim that it was a police officer, as well as bandits and terrorists who would have died unrelated to the demonstration.

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A version challenged by families , who point fingers to the police, and denounced Georges Kapiamba, president of the Congolese Association for Access to Justice (Acaj). He calls for the rapid establishment of an independent commission of inquiry.

” It is simply a trivialization of crimes that is getting closer and closer to apology for crimes. Officials need to take the time to check all the information. They must not continue to create confusion and blur on the facts that must be subject to a responsible audit. As you had already done at the meeting of the meeting we had with the Minister of Human Rights, the rapid establishment of an independent and credible commission of inquiry, so that this commission can verify, investigate , establish responsibilities and also take steps to ensure security conditions for witnesses and victims who are numerous, “.

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As a reminder, the UN mentioned Monday a record of at least five deaths.

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