DRC: 4 killed in a bloody rebel clash with Congolese force

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DRC Armed Forces (FARDC) announced Monday that it has killed four rebel Burundian National Liberation Forces (FNL) in “clashes” in Kiliba in South Kivu province bordering Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania.

“We repelled an attack by these rebels around 2 am,” the deputy army spokesman in South Kivu, Captain Dieudonné Kasereka, told a news report of 4 rebels killed and a weapon recovered. .

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Until noon GMT, the army was conducting patrols in localities around Kiliba to “discover the fief of these rebels”, and “neutralize” them, according to the same source.

As non-signatories of the Arusha peace agreement that ended the civil war in Burundi (1993 – 2006), the FNL have been based in South Kivu province for more than two decades.

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This rebellion of a few hundred fighters, is the least harmful foreign force in the east of the country. Its activities are mainly focused on the looting of livestock and Congolese civilian goods in the Uvira plateaux.

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