Dr. Cleo Manago: An Open Letter to Athlete Michael Sam – Your Black World

By Dr. Cleo Manago

Dear Michael Sam,

In case you are reading this, it’s [Black] self-evaluation and critical analysis time.

[White] LGBTs never abandoned or betrayed you. At no fault of your own, you were once too confused to see what was right in front of you.

You were not deceived. I will explain. The next time you are in a lily White (or predominately White) context, surrounded by nothing but White folks, even if offering you trinkets, you are in a racist situation that does not care about Black people. Black people go where we are cared about. If we’re not around, with some critical mass, it’s for a reason.

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The next time you’re in a lily-White situation, consider that it being lily-white is a statement. If you look around and you are the only one Black, or no one else Black, including you, is loving anyone also Black, you are in an anti-Black, White supremacy myth situation.

Your purpose in that context is to be exploited by racists. Because you were not fortunate enough to have a [Black] critical analysis, you didn’t realize this. The LGBT community never denied to you that they were racist. They figured you too didn’t care about racism. Go back and review all of the video of you with them, loving them, etc. Then think about what conclusion you would have come to if you were White.

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Situations that care about you as a Black person and that cares about Black people includes a critical mass of Black people, even in leadership. It is not unusual to find two Black people loving each other in that context. If you don’t see any of this, it is not a situation built around your relevance or affirmation as a [same gender loving (SGL)] Black person.

My question to you is, now, what are you going to do with your life as a Black man? It’s time not to care if racist White people accept you or not. It is impossible for a Black person with a Black critical analysis to be betrayed, exploited or rejected by White racists – be they LGBT or not. Because they wouldn’t even be in the situation, and could care less how they felt – one way or the other.

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If you desire affirmation, Brotherhood, camaraderie, organizational support or development of a Black critical analysis, feel free to reach out. We got you for real.

All my best,


Chief Advisor,

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