Don’t Lose It, It Is About Freedom, And Not About Nnamdi Kanu, A Yoruba Man Kenny Olusesan, Disects Nigeria, Biafra, British And Africa

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I am an authentic Yoruba, and I don’t give a hoot about whose ox is gored, neither do I care about who is not in tandem with my position and ideology, I am going to be making my own contribution on the most trendy personality of the time, simply because, I am a staunch supporter of the quest for Biafra for reasons best known to me, part of which will be demystified in the course of this piece.

He came from the least expected of influence, and no precedence of such in the annals of history of a queerly and fraudulently molded entity called Nigeria and now looming large in all ramified media channels and in the international horizon.

He predicted so and has come to pass just like others of his predictions, squarely fitting perfectly into posterity. That earned him the Prophet of the day and Nostradamus of our time. He is no other person than Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the indefatigable,incorruptible and erudite leader of the reformed IPOB.

I doff my cap for him. By his strategy, everyone in the country is making him a pivot of discussion. Fallen majorly into that trap are those talking about him even for the wrong thing. While they do that, they are only greasing the wheels of the strategy and it is forward bound.

I discussed once with a friend of mine, that the sharp, razor blade piercing style of broadcast of the Leader of the IPOB is a potent approach in having all the attention needed and result achieved. No one takes you serious if you adopt the Christian-nature, turn-left ear approach

. And today, over every media, I find it amusing and I can say for free, that, Nnamdi Kanu’s name would have occupied major space in the lips of all the 180M Nigerian in this recent time even more than the President himself.
No gainsaying that there is palpable fears across the ranks of the political class of his rising profile.

What I grew up to be cognizant of is that, issues of Nigeria is exclusively within the confines and control of the elite, Politician, and Military men. This class is distinct and manipulate the direction of the Law in their favour. Loyalty within this cult like syndicate called Political class is their exclusive prerogatives.

They protect themselves alone. That has left the less privileged at their mercies and a willing tools for their shenanigans. No one cares about them and even their future. The paradigm has been that, who is a trader, who is an artisan, to hell with mason, bricklayers, conductors, meat sellers…….. etc.

Who are they to offer any opinion in the issues of state? They are non-essentials, they are non-consequential. They had been relegated beyond the background. In a nut shell, they are irrelevant. Nnamdi Kanu unveiled their cognition to their value, this is wonderful.

They suddenly, are aware of their powers, which has been hidden form then through the instrumentality of suppression. These same people shut down a part of the British Royal Company called Nigeria, sorry ONE NIGERIA. They possess powers.

This singular act is jolting even till date.No Politician will achieve this without spending minimum of 1 Billion Naira. The reality is that the elite are even the non-essential but just a product of opportunity. True powers is with the lower class. Or why are they afraid of ordinary election boycott?

I have had no strand of doubt in me that real power has found its route back to the real owners. The non-political lower class. The alienable right. For purpose of enlightenment, Political class is that class, an enclave, a confine, that when penetrated through any means, you will never sing same song as former as you were.

It is an enclave that thrives on lies. It is an enclave that would require you to back the concept of “One Nigeria “ to enable you reap and rip off same entity as all politician. It is a sphere where you are assumed the owners of the country.

However, It is quite interesting and I love to see that just like Buhari fell into the trap of arresting Nnamdi Kanu, everyone with no spirit of restraint are drifting inadvertently by falling for the same trap in the statement of the man that saw tomorrow. He said long before now that “They will soon talk about me”. And everyone are.

I have reexamined all the comments and write ups against Kanu recently and by the Potency of the four sight categories (sight, insight, foresight and hindsight) I thoughtfully walk away from the letter and decipher the spirit behind those write ups, I discovered, they are nothing but pure envy. I say this with no apology. I seemingly, unable to relate their claims with the tall issue at hand, which is TRUE FREEDOM.

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How else, am I going to juxtapose the Fulani Herdsmen futuristic goal and the pettiness that NK is called Supreme Leader? Are we okay at all?

How am I to draw line of dichotomy between having a free nation and a nation under just anybody even an illiterate with no moral and integrity compass?

How does it bother me of the Niger Delta Oil and being free from the slavery called Nigeria.
Which is important? to have my sanity or having my children being manipulated to forcefully study Arabic?
Which is more important ?

Nnamdi Kanu’s 2014 comment about GEJ or having an a sane country with people’s constitution ruled by sincere people and not thieves. These are the main issues, and we should have the maturity not to lose focus. The south becomes a laughing stock, the moment we start bandy about “NK said, this or that.

Freedom is more expedient than any other issue whatsoever. The fact remains that we can be petty. We seem ordinary in content. Our hatred and intense envying for the rising profile of Nnamdi Kan knows no bound and we are willing to subordinate it to the tall dream of FREEDOM.

And our attempt for a show of shame in our write-ups and comments may suffice if only we can equal ourselves in having same experience with one that has faced DSS, sleeping on bare floor, in cold without blanket, subjected with an induced insomnia by not being allowed to sleep for couple of months, that is, once he is dozing off, one idiot will either flog him or slap him or shove him not to sleep.

And so many other barbaric, unprintable and unpleasant orgy of torture applied on this young man that you as an individual can never contemplate in your wildest imagination to go through. So, why do you think you can just gainsay honor being accorded him by simply writing on facebook.

If it were in the North, others would support him to face the bullet, while they have their own detour the moment the freedom comes. Just as GMB was following Tinubu like “mumu” just to get the powers. I have full grasp of the import of fighting for freedom without shooting a bullet.

Ironically, shooting a bullet advances faster to freedom than the Nnamdi Kanu’s approach, though the aftermath has devastating effect of unimaginable dimension. The NK approach is what we call Verbal/Diplomatic/invectives war. The magic wand in this approach is all about the most loquacious and grandiloquent.

Of course it is unarguable that the government of the day control that approach, through threat of the all categories of the media machines. And, the government controls the narratives; I mean the narratives and not the truth.

Instances abound that Government, especially in the black nation, churn out the narratives and not the truth for the purpose of sculpturing the direction of thinking of the unsuspecting audience bereft of discernment.

Example is “GEJ government is corrupt”, “Kill Corruption, while they are the more corrupt”, “A serious government should fix power in six month – Fasola”, “Buhari has exceeded expectations- Lai Mohammed”. “Also if you see 1967 war you will not tail about Biafra”, and a horde of others. All are lies.

NK employed and deployed same approach. And the news media under the control of the Government called it “Hate speech”. When it is the favour of the Government, it is the right speech, otherwise it is a Hate speech. Like a fantastic post I saw, “Gold in your backyard belongs to the government, while a marijuana in same place belong to you.

You are likely to go to jail for the Marijuana and not the Gold” Is that a government? The invectives/verbal approach of NK, can be nasty if it is to do same thing as the bullet, though not fast but very potent in destroying every barring walls. Yoruba calls it “ogun alaroka”, and it is a sincere prayer by Yorubas that God should deliver one from “ogun Alaroka”(approach your Yoruba friends for the literal meaning).

I do not care in whatsoever way, NK utilizes this verbal/invective weapon of wars, either he made it an “Ogulutu”(consult Yoruba friends), which touches both immediate constituency and strangers alike, what is most important is the goal.

And in spite of the media reactionary strategy of the government, I will continue to support the birth of Biafra for reasons I will define below as “what is Biafra? No matter, the division, lies, pettiness, writes ups, sarcasm, caustic comments, disagreement and what have you against MNK, I will never take my eyes of the Goal, and in this case, according to the Machiavellian, “the end justifies any means” We will write our story, we will not keep quiet. A sealed mouth is sealed destiny.

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For those who do not know, NK is a young guy like me and you. He probably will take few years from me. Just like some of us, we know without prevarication and not necessarily wasting the resources of prayers, that what is called Nigeria, sorry shamelessly called ONE NIGERIAN will not work.

I thank God for allowing us to have Buhari, whom I kicked against, but God’s reason for bringing him is clearer now. He used Buhari to tell us, that no perceived or packaged saint can advance any positive progress in the present, irrational muddling up of nations of distinct identity and culture into one country in the most fraudulent manner not obtainable in any nation of the world.

I met a military administrator once and he reaffirmed that only Buhari can do it, but he knows better now. We know Nigeria is a contraption (a means to an end) by both the British and the disadvantaged, inadequate and unqualified Hausa Fulani enclave simply because bullet is in their custody and they have no regards for the sanctity of life.

We all know that it will not work. We have all identified our individuality that has been blurred for years in a phantom stupidity called “ONE N…….” The force in him is bigger and has triggered lot of responses. Everyone now talks about him. He is a force of reckoning. Men and women of caliber are now stalking him. Few of the interesting headlines garnered are

– stop NK now or face War – Obasanjo
– Call NK names but give us Biafra
– No igbo leader can defeat NK – FFK
– NK is right to demand for Biafra – Olisa Agbakoba
– NK Nigeria nemesis – Ruben Abati
– I have always supported NK – Charlyboy
– NK is young man seeking relevance – okorocha etc

I am not embellishing to say now; NK’s name is mentioned even more than Buhari. Every Politician seeks to join issues with him as a leverage to attain some realm of relevance. It is a stupid nation that masquerades her defeat in drums of war. What a defeatist attitude. NK has not shot a bullet.

Why is the Old man connecting simple demand for referendum with war. Why does Nigeria relishes in war with harmless, armed less and defenseless citizen they swore to protect, when we lost the Bakasi and a village in kwara to external forces, taken away without ordinary blowing whistle.

Nnamdi Kanu has commissioned inadvertently “The scrambling for Nigeria”? Nigeria simply has been a function of a time bomb and the ETA(expected time of arrival) of the bomb has been linked to when “who will bell the cat” emerges.

This pop up in NK. We now have a clone of a phenomenon that happened in Africa in 1870 by the European referred to as “the scrambling for Africa”. It is otherwise referred to as the “conquest for Africa” We now have the Conquest for Nigeria.

For purpose of enlightenment again (you may check google), the scrambling for Africa is akin to when a large plate of rice is given to ten grown men to eat. What played out in that phenomenon is referred to as the Scrambling. Every one scrambles to have as much share as possible.

It is interesting to state here that, there is an ongoing healthy scrambling for Nigeria, not by the imperialist this time but by the true owners of ethnic nationalities before being usurped by Nigerian. It is crystal clear that every ethnic nationalities are held in captivity in what is called Nigeria, against their will.

It started with Biafra.

Niger Delta came out with RONDEL(Republic of Niger Delta)

Middle Belt came together and distinctly dissociated themselves from the AREWA

Oduduwa Republic has a voice

Arewa republic with their untimatum.

And many more pockets to spring up.

These are purely organic creation and not an ulterior-motives inspired creation with no basis for togetherness. In the full glare of every one, Nigeria is resetting to its organic realities. It is a welcome development. Fragmentation of this entity along original ethnic nationality lines is long overdue.

Biafra is tall, though presently being orchestrated by MNK. What is Biafra? Biafra is the greatest threat of century. It is a molten magma that can burn into fragments all slave masters aged long leeching structures and destructive installations militating against the progress of Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.

With Biafra emergence, anything called Nigeria goes into thin air, Nigeria ceases to exist
Biafra means – Freedom, Equity, Justice, Fairness etc.
Biafra is destroying all imperialist parasitic operations in Nigeria

Biafra is loss of Oil block from many jobless but undeserving thieves
It is the end of mediocrity and enthronement of Meritocracy
Biafra is the death of Quota system and beneficiary of that satanic system are apprehensive

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It is the severance of all parasitic sucking benefits of the British which has no collective bargaining.
Biafra is true federalism, control your resources by yourself
It is putting a stop to the Usman Danfodio’s quest at Islamizing the nation

Biafra is the end of the office of God fatherism, and opportunistic cabal.
Biafra is government being ruled by persons of impeccable character and unblemished track record. Of course the thieves, Cultist, drug pushers will not want Biafra.

Biafra is the gradual emergence of world powers in Africa. The slave masters decipher this.
With Biafra, there will be an acceptable standard of education
Biafra is exposing every conspiracy and secrets dragging this country backward.

Biafra will put a stop to the unilaterally written paper called 1999 constitution. And so many litany of threats that Biafra represents. Nigeria is waging war against Biafra. It shows clearly in their confused apprehension. When it sees the light of the day, many rich thieves will lose.

And many southerners are missing it big time. We should be able to dichotomize brilliantly between MNK and Freedom. What we need is Freedom. And nothing should distract us from it. Mark my word and don’t be deceived by the elite, Nigeria was structured not to succeed and it will never be.

Elites are biased and so lack the credibility to offer any advice in this matter. I have my peace knowing that fact and only waiting till when Nigeria will die finally. Stop wasting prayers for what I know is not in the records of God. The country problem lies in its landing and casting of the foundation.

Any repairs in the form of restructure, igbo presidency etc will be superficial. If it works, it will only be transitory. No remedy can start the test of time. It is not only Biafra that needs referendum, every one of us do. Its also stupid to say our reps should do that. No, they cannot.

You don’t expect someone ripping off the country with about N90M monthly in any name called to decide against an entity that is giving him money. I will know we have true REP, the day they are being paid part time and are not allowed by law the distraction of one nonsense constituency project.

These kind can REP me and not the ones we have. We are left with only one solution. That is, fragmenting the so called NIGERIA into ethnic splinters. Let them go back to their sources to remind themselves whom they truly are before being forced to bear an identity that has no both spiritual and reasonable interpretation.

Then, leaders of one Ethnic group can now market, lobby and woo others with reason and benefits their coming together to form a country with tangible ideology has to offer. I call this new alliances and right-alignment. They will seal their alliances with a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) duly signed by all parties and becomes a strong working document.

This is a dream country.
For goodness sake, why can’t we have this in Africa?
Can’t this be followed through by all the widely read educated nonentity spoiling this country?
Can any country boast of this self-creation in Africa?

Why must we be glued forever with what “oyinbo” created?
When are we going to have “our country”?

For all those who are leveraging on the platform of MNK’s name and activities to do showmanship of their ingenuity by confusing, antagonizing and disparaging MNK in any ramification should know that they are doing themselves no good.

As it is, any politician seeking cheap relevance will only need to make a statement ending with Biafra, MNK, war to be in the limelight free of charge.That is the magic of MNK’s name paid by being in the prison for couples of months. Also, others on FB doing same should continue.

An opportunity has presented itself again to get it right, to destroy all the installation of fraudulent census, let us burst it again in our pride of emptiness, and inability to know that freedom is incomparable to any other skirmishes and carries along lots with it, where our compromise panel would need to be switched on.

As for me, either it’s Ibo, Yoruba, Urobo, Ijaw etc I will support, because Freedom has no tribe and the Corruption called Nigeria must fall.

I am Yoruba, pure and authentic, parents both Yoruba, born and bred in Oduduwa republic and not in Kano, kaduna, married to Yoruba. I am an authentic Yoruba and unapologetic to any hausa-fulani’s course.

By Kenny Olusesan Oduduwa

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