Djibouti-Tunisia Conference On Investment – Members Of TABC Received In The Palace Of The Republic

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Arriving in Djibouti on 16 September to take part in the first Djibouto-Tunisian investment conference, Tunisian businessmen members of the Tunisia Africa Business Council, a newly created Business Council dedicated to Investments in Africa, were introduced yesterday to the head of State by the Minister to the presidency responsible for investments, Ali Guelleh Abd.

President Ismail Omar Guelleh warmly welcomed the Tunisian delegation led by Mr. Bassem Loukil, CEO of the eponymous group and president of the TABC

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The head of State welcomed the Tunisian businessmen to Djibouti and spoke with them about the relations of friendship and cooperation between Tunisia and the Republic of Djibouti, the many similarities between the two countries and the partnership Between the two countries-which is in the process of being set up-and whose economic conference is the founding act.

The efforts made by the SDI to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) and the provisions that have been made in the area of investment guarantee have also been mentioned.

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At the end of the interview, the head of the Tunisian delegation, Bassem Loukil did not conceal the determination of the TABC to quickly ratify economic projects in Djibouti in many areas, including information technology, Telecommunications, agro-food and housing.

“We are all the more motivated to launch these projects quickly in Djibouti as your country offers all the successes for important investments,” said Mr. Bassem Loukil, who thanked the people and the Government of Djibouti for the reception received at Djibouti.

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The Minister to the Investment presidency, Mr. Ali Guelleh Abd, has expressed his pride in the interest of Tunisian investors in our country. For him, the two countries, bound by a long and old friendship, are about to write together a new page of their common history.

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