…Weah Refutes Discussing VP With ECOWAS

Barely 48 hours after it was reported that President Dr. George Manneh Weah, during a recent meeting with ECOWAS Commission President Mr. Kassi Brou, reportedly accused Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor of supporting the planned June 7 protest, the Executive Mansion has refuted the allegation.

Addressing the regular Executive Mansion press briefing Tuesday, June 4, 2019, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby said rumors that the president accused his Vice President of supporting the planned protest is a diabolical lies.

Smith Toby said at no time during the president’s meeting with ECOWAS envoy did he ever discuss his Vice President.

He told reporters that the meeting with ECOWAS mainly focused on getting the president’s position as it relates to the upcoming protest.

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Toby said it is unfortunate for someone who was not part of the meeting to insinuate that the president discussed his Vice President with ECOWAS.

He said there are people in Liberia who survive only on conflict, something he said, the president will not give credence to.

Toby said there is no confusion between the President and his Vice President as being rumored in some quarters.

It was reported in a local daily that the president accused Madam Taylor of supporting the June 7 protest during his recent meeting with ECOWAS delegation headed by the President of ECOWAS Commission, Kassi Brou.

But that report was also vehemently rejected by Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe.

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In an interview with The Voice of America, Minister Nagbe said the report of President Weah telling the head of the ECOWAS Commission about his vice president’s alleged role in the protest was untrue.

“It’s totally untrue and ridiculous that the President is being accused of telling a high-level diplomat like the head of ECOWAS that his own Vice President is linked to the protest that is being planned for June 7. It is actually untrue,” Minister Nagbe told the VOA’s James Butty.

The Minister of Information said “the President did not make such position to the head of ECOWAS. So, it’s just another of the rhetoric from some of the political forces in the country to sow seeds of discord in our country.”

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He said the Vice President and President are working together cooperatively and there is no discord between the two of them.

“Now, this allegation was made by one of the organizers of the protest, Senator Sando Johnson. So, it’s not a rumor; it was a false allegation made by Senator Johnson of a matter which did not happen at all. So, I don’t like people saying it is a rumor.

Senator Johnson publicly on radio made this false and malicious allegation which is totally untrue. Why should we be reacting to the imaginations of these people?” the Minister wondered.

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