How The Deadly Biological Weapon Was Imported From Pakistan By Nigerian Federal Government (Audio)

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This audio message is being circulated on social media alleged that the deadly rash – causing biological agent being injected to school children in Biafraland also known as South South and South east Nigeria, is deadly Biological infectious agent brought in Hausa Fulani led Nigerian government to exterminate Biafran children. In this audio, an IPOB informant leaks the secret of how the substance was brought in and what the Nigerian government plan to achieve with it.

Vaccines are usually administered by World Health Organisation, UNICEF, Red Cross or any other internationally recognized body not Nigerian soldiers who are entirely from the North and all Muslims.

Meanwhile this is what Anambara State house of Assembly chaiman on health committee Hon. G. Nnamdi Okafor has this

to say on The Army biological medical warfare In Biafraland.

I have received reports and calls stating that a team of people escorted by the military are going to schools in some parts of the state especially in Ekwusigo LGA and others forcifully immunizing school children against an unspecified virus.
It was alleged that someone has died from the innoculation. This has caused panic in the entire state.
I have liaised with the State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Akabuike, who is on his way to Ekwusigo for fact-finding.
As a precautionary measure, schools in the state have been closed for today and parents are to go and pick up their children/wards.
To parents and teachers, do not allow anyone to touch/innoculate your child/students.
Dr. Akabuike stated that his Ministry was not contacted and they did not give any approval to any group or team for any immunization.
Please Beware.
Hon. Dr. G. Nnamdi Okafor
House Committee on Health”

Here is what Nigeria Medical Association has to say:

“The Nigerian Medical Association, Imo State wishes to inform the General public that where as immunization is neccessary for the prevention of some killer diseases especially in Childhood, there is no officially approved immunization programme going on in the state presently. As a result, parents and teachers are advised not to submit their wards to persons or group of persons for any purported form of immunization.

This is on the backdrop of alarm being raised about “forced immunization” in some places in the state on Wednesday 11th October, 2017.

Similarly, The Nigerian Medical Association Imo State advises the general public to stay away from all forms of “free medical programmes” that do not have the approval of Nigerian Medical Association, while we keenly monitor events unfold.

Dr Dike Victor O.
Secretary, NMA IMO”.

Below is a transcript of the audio message

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Fellow Biafrans, well wishers, this is another sad news. The point is that most atimes when we are giving information to our people, you will see some idiots asking, where did you get this information?

How did you get this information, we didn’t hear it from the media. Well do not have time to waste,we do not have time to mince words. Our information is accurate, it’s from the right source

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I am saying this, anybody who want’s to believe it should believe it, anybody who don’t want to believe it, that’s his own business, because we don’t have no time, I said we don’t have no time to waste with any individual who feel that we are here to waste our time by giving out this horrible secret meeting that Buhari , Hauasa Fulani and Yoruba Oligarchy have concluded in order to exterminate the Biafran people.

The medicine they call vaccination was brought all the way from Pakistan.

The Hausa Fulani brought it to Enugu, from Enugu down to Bayelsa, Rivers State and Akwa Ibom

The want to start eliminating our people by going from school to  school injecting students, I dont know why our people will allow their children to recieve the death sentence.

The Hausa Fulani do not want to vaccinate their own children but the came to Biafraland with the deadly biological weapons called vaccination.

I know there are those who come from the so called south south even though there is nothing like south south in the dictionary.

They say they are south south, If you bring your Biafra dont bring it here, but the Yoruba, the Hausa Fulani, they know who you are.

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Now, they are going to Bayelsa schools, Akwa Ibom  State schools, Cross River and Rivers, injecting the deadly poison to our children in these schools.

I am using this medium to warn our people, those who have ears let them hear. Do not accept anything from the Hausa Fulani.

Buhari said, I mean the fake Buhari (Jubrin) that he was disgraced in the United Nations, therefore he is going to vent his anger on Biafrans beginning from the so called south South by using the Biological agent he brought from Pakistan to poison our people.

I don’t know what else I should say, I don’t know what else to tell our people.

The ear that refuses to hear something, goes along with the head. The ear that refuses to hear something, goes along with the head.

This deadly vaccination is meant to exterminate our people, if you want to say “Oh I’m not a Biafran, bla bla bla,” go ahead and give your children the vaccination that Hausa Fulani has brought to Biafraland.

At the end of the day, you will be the one to pay the price. good night, good evening from here.

Bye from here.

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