…As Protesters Refuse To Present Petition

The long awaited June 7 save the state protest which was held last Friday came to a ‘dead-end’ as organizers refused to present their petition to the Liberian Government.

Though the day passed off peaceful as a result of the professional manner in which state security personnel led by the Liberia National Police conducted themselves, including the protesters; but the objective of the day was not met as no petition was presented to the government as expected.

Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe had earlier disclosed that Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor was designated by the Government to receive the petition from organizers of the protest under the banner ‘Council of Patriots’ (COP).

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Unfortunately, the Vice President did not show up as expected with rumors that she was ill; as such, she could not make her way to the Capitol to receive the petition.

As a result, Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean and Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Findley were lately designated to receive the petition, but COP refused to give them the petition.

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However, following intervention by ECOWAS Representative to Liberia and others, COP agreed to deliver the petition to the designated government officials under condition.

The organizers of the protest demanded the release of those arrested during last Wednesday’s standoff between the LNP and supporters of Representative Yekeh Korlubah.

The Government representatives left the scene and did not return, prompting the COP crowd to subsequently end their assembly for the day, but promised to assemble today, June 10, 2019.

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Prior to the gathering by COP, The NEWS received copy of the “save the state” petition in which the June 7 protesters, among other things, urged the government to enforce issues of governance, human rights and rule of law, and ‘urgently’ proceed with efforts to amend and/or repeal the current Electoral Law of Liberia.

They are seeking the establishment of an inclusive governance framework that reflects the diversity and interests of the Liberian society.

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