Cote d’ivoire – The Ivorian TV series ‘my family’ is back on screens in a season 2

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Launched in 2002, then stopped five years later, the Ivorian series ‘My family’ prepares to make his return to the screens.

Through 300 new episodes of 26 minutes, the new series, renamed “My family”, “takes us back with relish in the woes of the domestic life of the mythical duo Delta-Bohiri (husband and wife in the series) and many mistresses that revolve around Mr ‘, says the actress and Director Ivorian Delphine Akissi Luis, that everyone calls”Akissi Delta.

“The logical extension of the first season.

“This second season is a continuation, it is the logical continuation of the first,” judge Director Recalling that the series embraces the African social issues such as education, health, the traditions, and sexuality.

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“My family will highlight the daily activity of Africa from down below that takes place in the common courses in Côte d’Ivoire (from tenants of different families often live in the same house or concession), with implausible rumors, gossip, lies…”. “, notes the Director, Tano Kouadio

A budget of EUR 1.5 million

Side financing, producers of A +, the African Group Canal + channel, and the RTI television channel put the package to be at the height of the event. Budget about 1 billion CFA francs (1.5 million euros).

And to hear Ken Adamo, artist-musician, and author of the credits, there is something for everyone. “Actors affect a good seal, in contrast to the first season where the adventure had wagered on volunteerism.


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The series is by far, in any case, because its main star, Akissi Delta, almost “succumbed” during the post-election crisis in Ivory Coast 2010 – 2011, bloody ending to a decade of political and military crisis. She accused “villains and cookies” for trying to manipulate her and pushing her to attempt suicide.

Today, the actress is fulfilling. She old illiterate life of maid at the age of 15 years that inspired part of the series, notes with pride have been “invited to the table of many heads of State”, in Mali, Congo and Gabon, including.

Akissi now has a hidden ambition, another great role, in real life this time: thanks to her fame, she wants to be “the godmother of the elementary school”, the flagship project of the Ivorian Government.

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