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 Trouble seems to be courting embattled IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba effortlessly. Corridors has learnt
that Chiloba, on receiving an email from a Nairobi-based journalist who was
following up on a tip that IEBC was allegedly destroying election data. He sent an inquiry to the CEO who simply responded to the scribe’s
queries: “that is BS****”.

The journalist then filed a complaint with the MCK and the Ombudsman’s
office, to the effect that Chiloba’s response contained curse words which is
not expected of public officers. The journalist complains that Chiloba’s
response fell “short of Kenya’s national values and principles of governance,
and is also a slap on the face of independent journalism”. Both the
Ombudsman and Media Council of Kenya are now seized of the matter.

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Is a Luo MP’s effort to position MPs to succeed Raila Odinga hitting a snag?
The seasoned politician thought that the handshake spelled a death sentence to
Raila’s presidential bid but has been surprised with the turn of events. May be
it is because of the flurry of activities in the recent past that has sparked
speculation that Raila could run again in 2022. But the MP was overheard
telling a colleague along the corridors of Parliament that politicians thriving
on Raila’s shadows could have pushed ‘Jakom’ to change his mind. “I sympathize
with some people who think will forever hang on Raila to re-elected,” the MP


An influential governor from Western Kenya could soon find himself in a
messy procurement scandal after he allegedly authorised the county procurement
department to award a contract for the construction of a 5KM feeder road in his
home ward to his younger brother. The county chief, fond of bulldozing
decisions, is said to be courting trouble after falling out with one of the
procurement officers. The procurement officer, who has threatened to spill the
beans to his political opponents, is on suspension over an unrelated matter.

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Some police officers need to be retrained on how to handle firearms or tamed
by their bosses from totting their guns in public. An unknown number of police
officers arrived in several cars at a prominent Westlands building for an
unknown deal. The officers took strategic positions at the populated facility
causing fear and panic among the tenants and the clients as they brandished
guns. They were heavily armed and had allegedly come to ambush a number of
foreigners who were holding laptops, Ipads and a number of unknown gadgets.
Those who arrived in a new Subaru with double exhaust pipes could not
stop showing off their pistols and guns to innocent civilians. That’s an unprofessional
display of might, don’t you think bwana IG?

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