Congo Kinshasha-INEC Launch Voter Registration In Kasai And Kasai Central

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Enlistment of the electors by the CENI in Kinshasa, the 17/06/2017. Radio Okapi / Ph. John Bompengo
The provincial president of the Congolese Association for Access to Justice (ACAJ), Mr Adrien Ilobakweyi, calls on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to launch voter enlistment operations in the two provinces of Kasai and Kasai Central.

The electoral commission had announced the postponement of the beginning of enrollment in these two provinces because of the insecurity that prevailed there for several months.

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According to Adrien Ilobakweyi, the uneventful holding of the primary school leaving examination in this part of the country (one month after the rest of the country) is proof of the restoration of peace.

“All the signals now prove that peace has returned to the dismembered Kasai province. You will realize that the TENAFEP had just taken place across the province. There are no incidents, “he says.

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Me Adrien Ilobakweyi says his association and its partners are raising awareness of the region’s people who, he said, “have realized that elections remain a panacea for [ending] the crisis in our country.”

He asks the CENI not to give a “pretext” to those who do not want the elections to take place.

The provinces of Kasai have been experiencing severe violence for several months. Militiamen who claim to be a traditional leader killed and the security forces are accused of numerous abuses. The Catholic Church recorded more than 3,000 deaths. The UN has more than one million displaced people.


The elections must be held before the end of this year in the DRC. Enlistment operations are expected to close at the end of July. Several voices have been raised in recent weeks to let know that the elections should not be held without the provinces of Kasaï.

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