Congo Kinshasha – Elections over the resignation, Government: Lokondo miss Tshibala!

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Kinshasa 25/11/2017 Politics – The case had all the air of a hit and miss. Wednesday, November 22, 2017, when it was given to conclude his motion of interpellation, the Deputy Henri Thomas Lokondo, caused a tsunami

Yesterday, Friday, November 24, 2017, the Special Commission, after defining the outlines of this motion, decided. Tshibala remains in place in his jump seat at the Hôtel du Gouvernement. So, he will not resign.


Honorable President of the National Assembly,

Honorable members of the Bureau,

Honorable National Members and Colleagues,

During its meeting of November 22, 2017, the Auguste Assembly proceeded to the hearing, in turn of the inquiry of the Prime Minister by the Hon. Henri-Thomas LOKONDO YOKA, national deputy, on the delay recorded in the tabling of the draft budget law for the financial year 2018, as well as the answers that the Prime Minister reserved for it.

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At the end of these two presentations, a heated debate was held at the end of which concerns were expressed and recommendations made by the Honorable National Deputies.

After the Prime Minister’s reply and the conclusion of the questioner, the Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly announced, on the basis of Rule 189 of our Rules of Procedure, the establishment of a special commission to prepare the conclusions of the debate on the inquiry to be submitted to the Plenary Assembly.

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Composed of nine members and assisted by three experts, this Special Commission was effectively set up by the Honorable President under the terms of the Mission Order of 23 November 2017.

To properly carry out its mission, your Special Commission proceeded as follows:

Examination of the text of the interpellation addressed to the Prime Minister;

Consideration of the text of the Prime Minister’s response;

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Hearing of the summary of the debate on the inquiry;

Consideration of the provisions of the Constitution, the Law on Public Finance and the Rules of Procedure of the Plenary Assembly;

Proposals for conclusions and recommendations to be submitted to the Bureau for the Plenary Assembly.

At the end of this mission, the Special Commission drew up and approved its report unanimously by all its members.

I request the Honorable President to invite the Rapporteur of the Special Commission to read our report.

Thank you.

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