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Congo!!: How Can 6 Million Deaths Be Under Media Silence?



A genocide is underway, more than 6 million people (half for children under 5 years!) Were massacred amid general indifference and with the support of the United States and Europe! Hundreds of thousands of women and girls were raped and mutilated by the occupying armies. And all this for one main reason: to seize exceptional mineral wealth which holds the subsoil of the country …


We know the method, it amplifies some of the new and conceals other equally horrible. There is much talk of the crisis of migrants and Middle East at the moment, with the fight against terrorism (?), Rather worrying struggle with the entry of Russia , called for al-Assad, who will not make in lace, targeting (all?) opponents of the Syrian president. Meanwhile we deliberately obscures what is happening in Congo, yet even move good souls quick to cry over the fate hyped poor migrants should keep a few tears for an ongoing genocide, which we will not talk in your favorite media, which seem to in selective lamentations.

A genocide which were accomplices our leaders and the international community

In central Africa, Congo is rich, filled with raw materials (diamonds, gold, tin, gas, oil, uranium, coltan …), forests, water, women and men of many tribes gathered under a nation drawn by the settlers, and that historically corresponds to very little. Following the genocide in Rwanda, neighboring countries have benefited most from the blurring political and institutional Congo (bordering Rwanda) to attack from all sides this huge country full of treasures.

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And Westerners in all this? The guilt of American and European leaders as the genocide in Rwanda has pushed to conduct a pro-Rwanda policy, leaving the Rwandan rebels of past Congolese side free to do what they wanted, helped by Ugandan allies and Burundi .. .

More importantly, many natural resources in DRC are vital for Western economies, particularly for the automotive, aerospace, high tech and electronics, jewelry … especially Coltan (which Congo holds at least 60 % of world resources) is essential in the manufacture of electronic components that are found in TVs, computers, smartphones, but also some weapons like missiles! The DRC also suffers massive deforestation. The main importers? USA, Europe, China. Not surprising.

But since the war internal intrusion seems to Africa, no one can accuse the US and other Western powers to take advantage of the resources and wealth of the Congo by intervening directly. No, it’s even more convenient to let the peoples get off them. Meanwhile, the US supports dictatorships succeeding in Congo and Rwandan and Ugandan militia. Happy.

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sustained poverty and abject living conditions, incessant rape (and AIDS rate reaching 20% of the population in the eastern provinces), population displacement, outrages, epidemics …: dehumanization strategy is in place to make them helpless victims, a terrible situation that there are no words strong enough.

 As long as public opinion abdicates, the Congo remains? Negro? Africa ?. Baloji All this does not make you the Congo

Western leaders are they hungry for wealth as to leave perpetrate another genocide? Yes, as to leave the commission and even cover a new genocide. With weapons, military training from our elites. One thing: what happens in the Congo, political and economic affairs in the genocide, is not determined solely by the Congolese, but also carnivorous powers, eager for riches and without consideration for the people.

The situation in Congo will be resolved by the Congolese themselves. But the international community must urgently stop supporting Rwandans, Ugandans and all militias perpetuating this state of war unbearable for them to put the hands on the wealth of a country without being accountable to anyone.

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6 million deaths. Half of them young children. The world says? Free? – We – must necessarily confront that his freedom? let them. Why so much violence and so little noise from the media?

Is it uninteresting for European? Is it not enough sensational, this massacre in the millions of people? Is it too far? Home ?, they apply again this odious? Nearby Act? ? Why no reaction, no impact in the collective imagination, nor indignation, anger or emotion?

Our duty as citizens of the world is to get the message. Let the world know. Before the world moves. There are culprits in Europe as there are in Africa. Silence kills as powerful as the sound of machine guns. Let all the killers face their responsibilities.

Conflict in Congo: The Truth Unveiled

26 minutes report on the situation of Congo. Warning this documentary includes difficult to bear images.

Frequency Light

Source: Frequency Light – free info

Central Africa

Congo: Aircraft Of The National Airline Grounded For Debt



The planes of Equatorial Congo Airlines (Equatorial Congo Airlines) are not allowed to take off since October 10 by the Agency for Aerial Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar (ASECNA), which is claiming unpaid, according to a letter from that agency regulation of which AFP obtained a copy.

“Because of the debt, the Directorate General of ASECNA just instruct the suspension of the provision of air navigation services in all of Equatorial Congo Airlines flights ASECNA on all platforms as of October 10, 2016” says the letter addressed by ASECNA to the Congolese civil Aviation Agency (Anac) which acknowledged receipt on 17 October.

The letter gives no indication of the amount of the debt claimed.

Management of Public Relations of Equatorial Congo Airlines could not be reached by AFP. Contacted by AFP, the Congolese authorities did not react immediately to this information.

A source close to the management said on condition of anonymity that? S starting Thursday that the company began to implement “effectively” the decision of ASECNA.

Friday at Maya-Maya airport in Brazzaville flights Equatorial Congo Airlines was scheduled to the chagrin of customers who have discovered a note on its offices that read: “for operational reasons, the company informs you that Equatorial Congo Airlines all our domestic, regional and international flights are suspended. “

Created by decision of the Congolese government in 2011, Equatorial Congo Airlines serves the two main Congolese cities: Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire, then Ollombo (north). From Brazzaville it also connects African cities such Libreville, Douala, Bamako, Dakar and other more distant, including Paris, Dubai and Beirut.

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Central Africa

Congo: Five killed, buildings torched in Congo Republic clashes Government blames fighting on the disbanded “Ninja” Nsiloulou militia.




Residents of the southern districts of Brazzaville flee clashes between Congolese security forces and unknown assailants on April 4, 2016. At least five people died and buildings were torched in clashes between government forces and suspected rebels in Congo’s capital, the government said on Tuesday, saying some 50 people had been arrested over the “terror attack”.


At least five people died and buildings were torched in clashes between government forces and suspected rebels in Congo’s capital, the government said on Tuesday, saying some 50 people had been arrested over the “terror attack”.

A dozen attackers were also killed in the fighting in the south of the city on Monday, which saw six police stations, a town hall and two customs checkpoints set on fire, government spokesman Thierry Moungalla said on Twitter.

Heavy gun battles erupted before dawn in the southern Makelekele and Mayana districts of Brazzaville, which are loyal to the opposition, sending thousands of panicked residents fleeing.

“Three members of the security forces, two civilians and 12 attackers” were killed in the unrest, Moungalla said, adding that “six members of the security forces were injured, as well as some civilians”.

“In the course of the police operation during the assault, security forces arrested around 50 former militia members, the perpetrators of the attack.”


The government blames the fighting, which comes on the heels of a disputed election last month, on the disbanded “Ninja” Nsiloulou militia that fought two civil wars in the 1990s.

The Ninjas are headed by Protestant preacher Frederic Bintsamou, known as Pastor Ntumi, who recently came out in favour of opposition presidential candidate Guy-Brice Parfait Kolelas, the runner-up in the March 20 vote.

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“The overwhelming evidence held by relevant services clearly points to the active implication of Mr Bintsamou in the events of Monday,” Mr Moungalla said.

Congo’s constitutional court on Monday confirmed that former paratrooper colonel President Denis Sassou Nguesso had won, extending his 32 years in power despite accusations of rampant corruption and nepotism.

Five defeated candidates have disputed the results of the poll, in which Sassou Nguesso took more than 60 per cent, alleging “massive fraud”.

Congo has been on edge since an October constitutional referendum ended a two-term limit on presidential mandates, allowing the 72-year-old head of state to run again.

Last week, there were strikes in several southern districts in protest over the election results.

The southern Makelekele and Mayana districts remained eerily quiet on Tuesday morning and few residents appeared to have returned home after fleeing the fighting in droves the day before.

Troops deployed at key points throughout Brazzaville and manned roadblocks, searching the few cars and people out on the streets, while stalls were empty at the city’s biggest Total market.

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“We live in a country where, whether you vote or not, peace is always under threat,” said one woman, who gave her name as Julienne.


Mr Moungalla said the March vote was “a great moment of peaceful democracy” and said authorities were investigating whether the opposition was behind the unrest.

The government “does not yet have proof that candidates or their supporters are involved in this affair” but investigations “are ongoing”, he said.

Mr Kolelas, who came second to Sassou Nguesso in last month’s vote with 15 per cent, said the government allegations against the rebels were “overly hasty”.

“I want a totally impartial enquiry carried out,” Mr Kolelas told AFP in an interview.

“It’s a masquerade,” he added. “I’d like to see proof of what happened.”

He also disputed a ruling by the constitutional court that his request to have the results of four regions annulled was “inadmissible as it was filed after the constitutional deadlines”.

Mr Sassou Nguesso served as president from 1979 to 1992 and returned to power in 1997 following a civil war.

He won two successive terms in elections in 2002 and 2009, both of which



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