Condemned Seefar Apartment was officially launched by Housing minister – buyer

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Seefar Apartment, which was served a 14-day demolition notice by State agencies, was launched by the late Housing minister Soita Shitanda in 2013.

The National Environment Management Authority and WRA, in a notice to the Edermann Property on Friday, said the building sits on Nairobi Dam’s riparian reserve.

Shitanda toured and cut the ribbon during Edermann’s takeover of the project. This was after two contractors could not proceed with the construction works.

A Chinese national, only identified as Mr Yang, went on with the works and drove it to completion and subsequent occupancy. 

Buyers of housing units in the 12-storey apartment have questioned the government’s intention arguing that the construction was approved by the State. 

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Writer Wambui JL, who has lived in the apartment for over five years, said the government was “suffering from severe amnesia have lauded the project as a solution to housing problems in Nairobi. 

“I personally, despite this having been my home for all that time, have no qualms with the demolition. I said it when the other buildings went down, that if this is truly a fight against impunity and corruption then so be it,” she tweeted. 

Wambui says she heard about the project via an advertisement in the newspaper in December 2012.

“They were offering great discounts for anyone who paid up their deposits by December 27. I remember we passed by after Christmas to see if the project was legit,” she said. 

“This by all accounts and purposes was a government approved project and everyone assured us there was nothing illegal about any of it,” Wambui adds. 

The occupant further states that the current map of Nairobi Dam reveals a straight line, possibly because of the changes which followed Seefar Apartments’ construction.

“It proves that indeed there was some construction that affected the shape of the dam on that side. So, Nema’s argument can easily stand.”

Again, I repeat, if indeed we’re on riparian reserve land. Then let SANY – bulldozer, come. But we’re not going down without a fight. Surely, the government cannot continually allow impunity within their ranks allow it then disallow it when subsequent governments take over,” she said. 

A number of Kenyans have equally questioned the authorities’ action saying they should have stopped the construction before the developers proceeded with the works. 

Why does NEMA wait until the construction of a property is completed before issuing a demolition notice?” Isaac Okoni, a twitter user, asked. 

Other concerns are on whether the developer will reimburse the buyers their cash following the latest development. Edermann management has plans to challenge the demolition order. 

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