Central Africa – Return Of Armed Groups To Bambari Will Not Take Place, MINUSCA Warns

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BANGUI – After firing on a joint patrol by Central African Republic security forces – peacekeepers by individuals claiming the Movement for Unity and Peace in the Central African Republic (UPC), on Monday in Bambari (center de Central African Republic), MINUSCA warned this movement against any attempt to return to the city.

MINUSCA spokesman Vladimir Monteiro said the incident took place in the Bambari cattle park neighborhood, where “individuals who openly claimed the UPC” initially threatened the patrol. before opening fire, without causing injury. “MINUSCA immediately deployed a robust patrol into the area, causing these elements to leak. At the same time, the Mission seized one of the UPC officials to inform them that such acts will not be tolerated and that it will oppose any attempt to return the armed groups to Bambari. ” he added.

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The spokesman said that Central African security forces and MINUSCA will continue to conduct joint patrols throughout the town of Bambari, while appealing to the people for calm to “continue to be involved in initiatives to reduce the influence of armed groups to strengthen peace in the city. ”

The spokesman also commented on the recent adoption of resolution 2387, which extends the mandate of MINUSCA until 15 November 2018, and indicated that MINUSCA intends to conduct a series of information activities in the coming days. and outreach to help stakeholders and the public better understand its mandate and activities. Returning to the mandate related to the protection of populations and the creation of security conditions conducive to the delivery of humanitarian aid, the spokesman announced two recent steps taken by the MINUSCA Force, namely the establishment of a temporary operational base in Amada-Gaza, Mambéré prefecture Kadei to prevent violence and securing a World Food Program (WFP) convoy from southern Sudan to Zemio, struck for some time by a humanitarian crisis.

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For his part, the spokesman of the Police, Oana Andreea Popescu, spoke about capacity building actions that the institution is currently conducting for the internal security forces. This is a workshop on the techniques of hearing victims and implicated sexual violence in Berberati, for the benefit of 30 elements of the Central African police and gendarmerie, as well as training to support the national authorities in the execution of specialized tasks and which gathers 60 policemen and gendarmes. “This training is provided by specialized tactical response trainers from the MINUSCA Police Component, including the arrest of high-level criminals and police intervention in a hostile environment,” said the spokesperson. word.

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For his part, Force spokesman Colonel Côme Ndayiragije, presented a situation of general calm over the entire territory after the disruption last week at PK5, Bangui, where the Force of MINUSCA together with the Mission police and in close collaboration with Central African security forces have mastered the situation.

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