Central Africa – A Ghastly Road Traffic Accident Has Claimed The Lives Of 78 People, While 72 Sustained Injuries.

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About 78 passengers were reportedly killed when a luxurious Bus Tipped over in Maloun Central Africa Republic. According to Dr Chamberlain Bama, who is The Medical Director at the University Hospital In Bambari where most of the victims were rushed to, the accident happened in a very remote area in central Africa Republic.

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“For mow, 78 bodies have been confirmed dead, while 72 others sustained varying degrees of injury. A number of the wounded persons were taken home by their relatives from the site where the accident occurred and they died later, while most others died here in the hospital,” said Dr Chamberlain.

The Mayor of Bambari, Abel Matchipata, while speaking to reporters, said  “the accident involved a 10 wheel vehicle that was commuting people and goods thro and fro a weekly market in Maloun. The vehicle tipped over with everything in It.

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There are speculations that the accident might have been as a result of technical faults on the vehicle due to overloading. Meanwhile, an investigation to ascertain the cause of the accident has been opened” Abel said.


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