20-yr-old Girl Gives Ladies Life Career Advises As She Achieves Her Life Dream Of Becoming A Stripper

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A 20 year old Twitter user identified as Victoria Margarita who was once a dancer before becoming a stripper took to her Twitter TL to advice other other dancer.

Read what she wrote below;
“I remember I used to joke about being a stripper in middle & high school lmao. Well… here I am

In all honesty dancing made me 10x more confident in my appearance, before I would always question myself but now I’m free

Most dancers are desensitized to s*x… people think of us as this sexual objects when it’s in fact the opposite, since were surrounded by it all the time we don’t feen to have s*x like that (at least I don’t)

Dancers are just like anyone else w a job, we go to work, make our money and go home.. nothing special about it

Since there’s such a negative stigma to dancing I hide it for like 2 years but now I honestly don’t gaf, life is hard and 9-5’s aren’t my thing, stop treating life like it’s a trial run and go get to a bag and live it.

It’s a blessing to b able to make 2k in a night, I take whatever I make at work and leave happy whether it’s 500-5,000.. not posting to brag, just showing how dancing can be a stable income if your focused to any ladies wondering

It can be a blessing, if you’re thinking about dancing or already are, go into it with a goal and REMAIN focused, get in and get out. This fast money is crazy and you can’t get lost in this lifestyle easily.

I said dance, not f**k! Don’t get it confused ! In my @iamcardib voice

This was never meant to encourage girls to dance, lol, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, if you’re in college study hard! If your at a 9/5 but you’re happy stay there! Money isn’t everything don’t do something you aren’t sure about for the love of it!”

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