A workshop to validate the results of an inquiry on the impact of highly hazardous pesticides on health and the environment in Yaoundé.

Implementation of biological pest management (controlling pests through the use of other organisms) and the promotion of the use of non toxic pesticides in agriculture were some of the solutions proposed in order to limit the negative impact of hazardous pesticides on health and the environment. This was at the end of a workshop in Yaounde on May 29, 2019 organized to validate the results of an investigation carried out in the Centre, West, Far North and Littoral regions of Cameroon.

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The inquiry was organized as part of the Country capacity building programme to identify and monitor incidents related to the fabrication of extremely dangerous pesticides and highly hazardous pesticides, and promote necessary alternatives put in place by the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO). The aim of the project is to develop a mechanism for the collection and dissemination of information related to health and environmental incidents due to the improper use and illegal fabrication of extremely dangerous pesticides.

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The investigation involved stakeholders in the agricultural, environmental and health domains, “the inquiry was carried out on 412 farmers, 112 pesticide distributors and 60 health agents,” Daknou Lentcheu Irene Christiane, Coordinator of the project said. The validation workshop was launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Representative of the FAO in Cameroon as well as officials from the Ministries of Environment and Public Health. It is worth noting that the programme is also carried out in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, and is expected to facilitate the exchange of information between the three target countries .

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