Cameroon: Presidential Election – Chad’s Elections Body Draws Inspiration

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The Director General of the elections governing institution in Chad, Issa Adjidei and members of his delegation had a guided visited to SOPECAM on October 11, 2018.

The Director General of the “Bureau Permanent des Elections du Tchad” (BPE), the body in charge of organising elections in neighbouring Chad, Issa Adjidei has promised to propose the services of the Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation (SOPECAM) to his country’s authorities so that SOPECAM can print the electoral materials of future elections in Chad.

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He made the declaration on October 11, 2018 after the General Manager of SOPECAM, Marie- Claire Nnana led him and his delegation members on a guided visit to the Production Department of the company that has been reputed for printing elec toral materials in Cameroon using the state-of-the art equipment.

Mr Issa Adjidei was accompanied to the visit by the Deputy Director General of BPE, Brahim Issa Timan and the Communication Officer, Yamnal Patricia Suitan.

The Chadian officials are in Cameroon within the framework of the October 7, 2018 presidential election process. His mission to SOPECAM was to assess the capacity of its printing press so that once back in Chad he can propose that Chadian electoral materials be printed in Cameroon instead of the hitherto Europe that has been expensive, Issa Adjidei said.

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The Chadian election body’s officials have been in Cameroon since September 30, 2018. This has enabled them to follow up the electoral process which Issa Adjidei highly appreciates. Lessons they are going back to Chad with hinge on the transparency of the electoral process.

The delegation leader said Cameroon through the election has given transparency lessons to the Central African Sub-region and Africa as a whole. He appreciated the fact that Cameroonians trust the institutions in charge of organising elections up to the proclamation of results. He described the institutions as an impeccable chain.

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