Cameroon: Minister Marie Thérèse Abena Ondoa demands more efficiency from her staff in 2018

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Recommendations were made at the end of the annual conference of the central and decentralized services of the Ministry for the Promotion of Women and the Family, which she heads. Marie Thérèse Abena Ondoa is committed to the efficiency, effectiveness and visibility of her department.

From 17 to 19 January 2018, the Ministry for the Promotion of Women and the Family (Minproff) organized the annual conference of heads of its central services, and deconcentrated under the theme “implementation of the programs of the Ministry of Promotion of the woman and the family, appropriation of the device and steering of the performance “. This meeting, in which the regional delegates took part, the focal points of the administrations, the departmental delegates and district delegates, the presidents of the women’s associations, etc., was a great meeting of the giving and the receiving which allowed to appreciate the main results achieved by Minproff in the implementation of the 2017 roadmap.

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Participants were pleased to have contributed to the achievement of the goals set in 2017 and to the success of the Prime Minister’s Minproff mission in the ministry’s roadmap. This annual conference also allowed the participants to be edified on the requirements related to the performance of the ministry and on the notions of ethics and professional ethics.

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All have committed themselves to respect the rules of procedure in the management of material and financial resources and to implement the lessons learned on the management of human resources, in particular the respect of the private life of the collaborators, to show equity and sense of responsibility. In short, to manage all the resources. The work led by Secretary General Moussa Aoudou ended with the ceremony of presentation of vows to the Minister.

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Marie Thérèse Abena Ondoa has therefore invited everyone to implement the recommendations of this work “so that the programs of the Ministry for the Promotion of Women and the Family, gain added value in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency. visibility, “she said.

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