Cameroon – Grown Up School Girls Who Have Reached Puberty Stripped N***d In School

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Pictures of school girls who have reached the age of puberty allegedly from a School in Baham, Western Cameroon has trending online for the wrong reasons. According to Song Mudoh, a Cameroonian who shared this outrageous pictures online, teachers at the school stripped the girls n***d just to punish them for late coming.

“Only in Africa will you see this type of nonsense. Student stripped n***d and flogged as part of school punishment. I really don’t care what they did but this is totally unacceptable. And it’s so funny why these grown a*s students allowed themselves to be punished in this manner,” Song wrote.

However, this outright inhuman treatment has received condemnation from people online. It is a sexual abuse and abuse of the human rights of the girls. Africans must wake up and jettison crude behaviors. Especially those who call themselves teachers. If teachers cannot think properly, whta then is expected of their students.

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