Cameroon experienced GDP growth of 4.1% in Q3 2017

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The National Institute of Statistics (INS) reports that Cameroon’s economic activity has been marked by acceleration, resulting in GDP growth of 4.1%.

The INS explains that, on the supply side, this performance results from a continued dynamism of activities in the primary (7.6%) and tertiary (4.3%) sectors, combined with the gradual consolidation of activities in the sector. secondary sector (2.6%).

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On the demand side, the improvement in economic growth is mainly supported by the public components of final consumption and investment.

“This development, however, masks the fall in the volume of foreign trade with a decline of 4.7% of exports less sharp than that of imports, down 9.5%. Nevertheless, the quarter ended with an improving trade balance. “, Notes the INS.

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The National Institute of Statistics points out that with the exception of the “Crude Oil Extraction” branch (-1 point) contraction since the 2nd quarter of 2016, all the branches of activity in the economy recorded contributions positive for growth in the third quarter of 2017.

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