CAMEROON: Biya strengthens command in English-speaking areas

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President Paul Biya, pursuant to decrees read on Thursday at the Public Broadcasting Corporation, has created new command units in English-speaking areas of northwestern and southwestern Cameroon in the grip of secessionist demands.

This approach “meets the security challenges of the hour”, the objective being “to bring the army closer to the people,” it was explained to the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF).

Among the most prominent measures is the creation of a fifth joint military region based in Bamenda, one of the epicentres of the secessionist protest, a military unit born of the division of the second joint military region based in Douala.


With this division, the second military region now covers the administrative regions of the Littoral and Southwest, while the fifth military region includes the administrative regions of North West and West.

At the end of these movements, Brigadier General Anga Robinson was appointed commander of the fifth joint region where Brigadier General Jules Cesar Esso was promoted to commander of the fifth gendarmerie region.

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In addition, the High Command has created a number of units, such as the Gendarmerie Fifth Region Road Traffic Group, which includes the Bamenda Motorized Road Platoon, the Nkambe Motorized Road Platoon and the Motorized Road Platoon. from Bafoussam, to which we can add the Motorized Road Platoon of Buea in the South-West.

The North-West and South-West regions, for a year and a half, are the subject of a social protest, initially of a corporatist character by teachers and lawyers, which has turned into a political crisis, with secessionist tendencies.

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For three months, supporters of secession have increased acts of violence and vandalism, not to mention the killings of elements of law enforcement, thirty have already been killed.

Les sécessionnistes ont en plus opté pour l’enlèvement des autorités, à l’instar du sous-préfet de Batibo dans le Nord-ouest qui reste introuvable depuis une dizaine de jours qu’il a été kidnappé par des sécessionnistes que les autorités camerounaises qualifient de terroristes.

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