Byo suburbs face water cuts

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<strong>BULAWAYO</strong> - Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo, is to introduce water cuts because of electrical faults at its main water treatment works, a top official has said.</p>

Authorities said there was no pumping at one of Bulawayo’s main dams that supply the city of about one million people because pump station electrical cables had been stolen.

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Bulawayo town clerk Christopher Dube said some pumps have had to be temporarily shut down due to the power failure.

Areas that will be affected include Manningdale, Matsheumplophe, Khumalo, Northend, Buenavista, Burnside, Parklands, city centre, Waterford, Ilanda, Mahatshula, Riverside, Lochview, Killarney and Suburbs.

“The City of Bulawayo would like to advise members of the public that there is currently no pumping from Ncema Water Works due to the Zesa stolen cables,” Dube said.

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“The power failure occurred at 02:00 hours and it is not clearly known when power will be restored. This might result in the interruption of water supplies. Consumers are urged to conserve water until further notice. Bulawayo City Council wishes to apologise to its valued consumers.”

Unlawfully disrupting the flow of communication or wilfully damaging electric cables carries a mandatory sentence of 10 years.

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