BURUNDI: Three dead in clashes between FARDC and FNL in Kiliba

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Three people were killed Monday (January 29th) in the clashes between Kiliba in Uvira territory (South Kivu), the regular army and armed men identified as Burundian rebels of the National Liberation Forces (FNL).

According to local sources, the exchange of fire began around 2 am and continued until around 6 am.

These clashes took place in the Rusabagi district, a concession of the Kivu sugar refinery. Burundian FNL rebels were ambushed by FARDC patrols. The attackers retreated to the Rukoko Forest, military sources reported in Kiliba. The same sources give no record of fighting on the side of the loyalist forces.

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The 3305th regiment in Kabunambo says that research is going on in the bush to find rebel bodies where bombs are falling.

The president of the youth of Kiliba, Basimise Kapenda salutes this action of the FARDC which aims to dismantle these networks of rebels who sow insecurity in the region. According to him, these Burundian rebels have become cutters of roads in complicity with some young people of Kiliba.

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