Burundi-Multiple Arrests In The Military, Uneasy Calm In Various Camps

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The arrests have multiplied in the Burundian army since Tuesday January 24th. Lastly, a major and a lieutenant of a military camp in the province of Muyinga. At issue were shots fired near the Mukoni military camp in the east of the country.

Everything started from a business that seemed trivial at first, but which has since assumed disturbing proportions. Shots were heard during the night from Monday to Tuesday near the Mukoni military camp in eastern Muyinga province.

Local residents said the military camp was targeted by a rebel attack. A thesis denied by the spokesman of the army, which speaks of simple thieves who fired in the air when they met a military patrol. But weapons were found not far from the camp.


Events then accelerated. A non-commissioned officer from this Mukoni camp is arrested on Tuesday. He would then have given the names of his accomplices based in other military camps across the country, according to the spokesman of the Burundian army.

Then a second soldier, Warrant Officer François Nkunzimana, was arrested and handed over to police officers, according to military sources. His body riddled with bullets will be found the next day in a small forest located not far from this camp, alongside two other unidentified corpses. The local administration will give orders to bury them on the spot.

Multiplication of arrests

Since then, arrests have multiplied in several military camps: Ngozi in the north, Gitega in the center or Mutukura in the Southeast. At least 18 soldiers are arrested in total, including a major and a lieutenant.

Neither the administration of the province of Muyinga nor the police spokesman answered the telephone. The military spokesman, Colonel Gaspard Bratuza, admitted to him that weapons were stolen from Mukoni camp on Tuesday, January 24th, and that there were arrests of accomplices in the theft. But he assures that what happens outside the military camps does not belong to the army. Meanwhile, a senior army officer talks about a sprawling conspiracy that affects many military camps, mainly hidden by ex-FAB soldiers, the former army.

Colonel Adolphe Manirakiza, who fled into exile after his mission in the Central African Republic, denounces a blind and savage repression and warns against an army on the brink of explosion. A malaise denied by the spokesman of the army.
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