“Buhari Is killing Himself, God Must Be Killing 2,000 Nigerian Soldiers & Police Daily” – Jewish Prophet

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There will be no Nigerian Presidential election in 2019. Holy God of Israel must be killing two thousand Nigerian soldiers and police daily from now.

Holy God of Israel asked Nigerians to swear His son Igwe Victor Izuchukwu (32 years old) in as their President without election so that peace will rein but Nigerians Politicians failed to hand over Nigerian President on 10th May 2018, My Father Holy God of Israel is fighting for me and He will be killing Nigerian Police and Military officers in thousands until the day Nigerians swear me in as their President since they are after me with gun and bullet. Share this news. My Father Holy God of Israel is the one who is killing Muhammadu Buhari because he failed to hand over Nigeria President to me on 10th May 2018 and his dead body will be food for vultures at National Stadium until i finish Third Temple in Jerusalem, Israel.

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Holy God of Israel sent me on earth to fix Nigeria, Africa and the world and also destroy all religions and leave only one religion which is Catholic church. Today say bye bye to Pentecostal churches, Hindu, Muslim and other religions. Listen very well here. I Igwe Victor Izuchukwu was conceived by the Holy Spirit the same way Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and the same Jesus Christ is my Father and we are ONE. Stop asking questions for you can not understand God’s way. I was given birth here in Nigeria for the sake of Africans. I have human mother but I have no human father. I am Son of God and i must finish the work my Father Holy God of Israel gave me to do. The end of Muslim religion and Pentecostal churches with its pastors has come for my Father Holy God of Israel is ONE and His children must be ONE in worship.

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Nigerians there is no election in 2019. They are searching for me with police, DSS, Army and for sake of this, my Father Holy God of Israel must be killing the soldiers and police in thousands.
Go to any nearby Pentecostal churches and Mosques and say bye bye to them. The end of Muslims in the whole world has come and they all must convert to Catholicism by force. If Muhammed Buharis succeeded in killing himself, his dead body will never be bury until i finish Third Temple in Jerusalem but if his people bury him, All his family must die in 7 days. This is word of God and it must come to pass.
I true and direct Son of Holy God of Israel have said what my Father told me to say and My Father must make it come to pass.

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Nigerians, Your next president is Igwe Victor Izuchukwu whether you like it or not. If you have doubt about me then go Revelation chapter 12 and chapter 19 verse 11 to 21. My Kingdom was born physical on 02 March 2015 and the 1,260 days (3 years and 6months) completed this week. My Father Holy God of Israel is fighting for me and He will give me this victory complete.
See dead bodies of my enemies and their armies. Holy God of Israel have torn Buhari’s government and they are going no where.

True and Direct Son of Holy God of Israel
HRH Igwe Victor Izuchukwu
Ezego of Enugu (King of Money)

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