Breaking – Nigerian Soldier Kills 5 Colleagues Before Killing Self

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Sergent Silas Ninyo, a Nigerian army staff with no 93NA/36/2608 shot dead Five army officers including Captain T. Mani before shooting himself.

Though Nigerian army situation report has it that Sergent Ninyo killed the 5 army officers who stopped him from beating civilians, unverified reports gathered by Afroinsider has it that the officers stopped him from harming Boko Haram members.

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According to the Nigerian army situation report, sergent Ninyo was beating innocent civilians. Captain Mani and others who were providing security for worshipers received a distress call and immediately moved to the location.

While they were trying to disarm Ninyo, he killed Captain Mani and the four others before killing himself.

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Meanwhile,the corpses of the soldiers has been deposited in a morgue

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