Breaking – Nigeria In Fresh Trouble As North Korea Warns Nigerians To Stop Mocking Supreme Leader Kim Jung-Un

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North korea warns nigerians

The DPRK News Service of North Korea has warned Nigerians to stop insulting it’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un or face the consequences of their unwarranted insults. In a tweet by North Korea’s leading Media DPRK News Service. Nigerian were warned against any form of mockery against the Supreme leader of North Korea. This was made public through a tweet from the twitter handle of the North Korean News Outlet.

In recent times Nigeria has been attracting the wrath of powerful nations. Most people believe that what is happening to Nigeria is spiritual chastisement. Since the inception of Mohammadu Buhari led administration, everything about Nigeria has been going south.

Nigeria incurred the wrath of Israel and Morocco through misguided utterances and they have been paying a heavy price ever since the incidents took place.

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Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari was rumored to have sponsored the failed coup d’état to oust the incumbent president of Turkey, thereby inheriting the full wrath of Turkish government.

“Impudent peoples of Nigeria are warned against mockery of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, lest they pay a heavy price.”

The latest of these strange happenings, is the warning by North Korea to Nigerians just a few moments after successfully testing their earth-quaking Hydrogen Bomb. “Impudent peoples of Nigeria are warned against mockery of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, lest they pay a heavy price,” DPRK News Service tweeted.

On the other hand, Nigerians in their usual manner took to twitter, bombing North Korea with their tweets and making all sorts of mockery against the Leader North Koreans Revered so much. Below is some of the tweets, retweets and replies.

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