Blind man asks court to recover N350, transistor radio from repairer – Premium Times Nigeria

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A 50-year-old blind man, Abubakar Umar of Sabon Gida Kano Road, on Monday prayed a Kaduna Sharia Court ll Magajin Gari to recover his N350 and radio set from a repairs man.

Mr Umar told the court that his radio set was the only friend he had and he was tired of going to the repairer’s shop seeking back his N350 and the radio set.

“I am a blind beggar, I suffered to raise that N350, he must give me back my money and radio set, he has betrayed the trust I had in him.

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“I am tired of going to his shop. Sometimes he tells his boys to tell me that he has travelled and when I go to the shop, I hear his voice speaking softly.”

The respondent, 51-year-old Garba Abubakar of Sabon Gida Guragu Street, Kano Road, Kaduna, who appeared in the court with the radio set, told the court that he delayed fixing the radio due to the unstable power supply.

“I fixed the radio set. I was only keeping it for him to come and get it.

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”Umar has a temper. The last time he came to my shop, he began hitting everybody with his stick, I refused to give him the radio because of his last action”, he added.

After listening to their testimonies, the judge, Musa Sa’ad-Goma, ordered Mr Abubakar to tune the radio to a particular station, to see if the radio was working.

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The judge also ordered Mr Umar (the blind man) to touch the radio to confirm if it was his.

However, Mr Umar tested the radio and further complained that the stations are not tuning and that the ambience was very low.

The judge further urged Mr Umar to remain calm and not to go to the repairer’s shop again for any action, promising that the case will be solved amicably.


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