Black Woman Venture Capitalist Aims to Revive Undeserved People In D.C – Your Black World

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By: Victor Ochieng

EB5 Capital founder Angelique Brunner, says, “The only way to address the addition of economic opportunity is to consciously create mixed-income neighborhoods.”

One black venture capitalist is revitalizing underserved areas in Washington, D.C., using her business acumen and resources. She is working using her company, EB5 Capital, to intertwine community restoration, job creation and citizenship for foreign investors. Angelique Brunner, is using foreign investments to rebuild D.C.

According to News One, Brunner, “moved to the nation’s capital nearly 20 years ago and discovered neighborhoods that were in dire need of help, the news outlet writes. Many of the predominately Black communities that had been ravaged by the 1968 riots following the death of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were left with abandoned buildings and nearly no businesses for decades. Determined to evoke change in these neighborhoods, Brunner launched EB5 Capital. The company gives investors from other countries the opportunity to put money towards rebuilding D.C. neighborhoods in exchange for green-cards and a smoother journey to U.S. citizenship.”

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Brunner has come against all the odds that have prevented many I the African-American community from becoming successful. She was once the only Black woman in the venture capital world, all through from New York City to Atlanta area. She now believes that the program is of great gain to all parties that are involved.

Speaking to news outlets Brunner stated that, “People are willing to invest in the United States for an expedited visa process. The only hitch is that you have to create jobs with the money they invest. We are focused on job creation, but livable cities require jobs and affordable housing. You can actually have financial gains in a neighborhood that don’t necessarily change the racial fabric of a neighborhood initially. To me, the only way to address the addition of economic opportunity is to consciously create mixed-income neighborhoods.”

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Fast Company writes of how she decided to start rebuilding D.C. It writes that, “When Angelique Brunner moved to the nation’s capital two decades ago, she was shocked to find neighborhoods with no stores, no services, and burned-out buildings…The local city government was, in fact, selling off long-abandoned homes for a buck to developers who had the money to rebuild. Some of Washington’s once vibrant black neighborhoods never quite recovered from the unrest in the days following the assassination of the civil rights leader and the subsequent departure of the middle class. Brunner was stunned and, armed with her degrees in public policy from Brown and Princeton, started learning the ropes in venture capital and then real estate development—determined to make a difference.”

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So far, EB5 Capital has managed to bring a change, working on projects like the City Market at O Street and also city’s Columbia Place development. And with more investments, she will be able to bring the change she wishes to witness in D.C.

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