Black Africans Passing Through Hell In New Libya Without Gaddafi

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In recent times Libya has become the deadliest country in Africa. Black African migrants are passing through the worst degrading and inhuman treatment in the hands of the Libyans.

There. has been reports of black Africans being sold for as low as 400 US dollars in a slave market in Libya.

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The video above shows were hundreds of black African women are captured and illegally detained in perpetuity against there own will. Some of the women in this modern captivity gave birth in filthy toilets without any form of expert medical attention.

Most heart breaking is the story of two boys whose mother allegedly drowned in the Mediterranean sea the previous night while trying to migrate to Europe for greener pastures.

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According to a lady who was in the ill fated boat, about 120 persons were in the both before it capsized but only 18 persons including the two little boys whose mum drowned were rescued.

Meanwhile, African union, European Union and United Nations has kept mum over the ugly situation in Libya.

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