Bishop Talbert Swans Blasts White Feminists for Using Anthem Protests to Push Aside Black Issues – Your Black World

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By: Victor Ochieng

Activist Bishop Talbert Swan couldn’t hold his frustration with white feminists he claims were trying to “hijack” Black engineered protests in a bid to water their goals down.

When Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court this week, protests erupted across the nation after GOP senators ignored sexual assault accusations brought against Kavanaugh by different women.

Many white women felt like the senate simply ignored their cries and so they vowed to drive their point home using another approach. So what did they do? Pulling out a line out of Colin Kaepernick’s poem, 1980s Hollywood big name Molly Ringwald appealed to women celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Beyonce to “sing the national anthem on bended knee.” It didn’t take long before other women supported the bended knee approach, with many supporting the idea of every woman taking a knee at the next singing of the national anthem as a way to display their resistance against rape culture.

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However, Swan looked at the whole thing differently, decrying that the idea is nothing but an act of rooting “white supremacy in the name of feminism.”

“White women kneeling during the anthem to protest ‘rape culture’ is [sic] highjacking a movement you took no risks for,” he wrote in lengthy Twitter thread Sunday. “You didn’t kneel in solidarity to protest the murder of Black people, so don’t co opt & make it about your victimization.”

Swan is the leader of the Springfield, Massachusetts chapter of the NAACP. When he spoke about the idea of white women joining the bended knee protest, he made it clear that he wouldn’t want the women to water down an idea whose originator intended to create awareness on police brutality among other racial injustices eating America.

The activist continued, “I can’t help but ask where liberal white women were when we were seeking justice for #SandraBland, #CharleenaLyles, #ShukriAli … and so many other Black women. You don’t even know their names!”

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Swan, who pastors Spring of Hope Church of God in Christ, called out white feminists for their failure to put “Barbecue Becky’s” and “Permit Patties” in check by always calling cops on black men for no justifiable reason.

“White women participate in our oppression, yet try to appropriate the language & movements associated with it,” Swan tweeted.

The pastor’s tweets drew mixed reactions from people, with a number of white women accusing him of employing generalizations about white women. There are also those who supported Swan, urging the white feminists to look for another way to make their voices heard.

“I kneel with ALL who stand or kneels to protest injustice,” one woman wrote. “I’m a white woman who truly believes that ALL injustices must be fought. How dare you make it a color issue, this is an American issue.”

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Firing back to that comment, one critic wrote, “You don’t get to change the messaging of a movement you didn’t start! Kneeling wasn’t about general injustice. It’s about the specific injustices Black people face at the hands of the police. YOU DO NOT GET TO JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON AND CHANGE THE MESSAGE.”

A white woman supported the criticism, saying, “This is pretty weak. Find another gesture or symbol. Don’t co opt one you did not support 2 weeks ago. I am a white woman, and this just sits wrong with me.”

Comments continue to flow in, with some even asking why someone would support an idea that they didn’t support not long ago because at that time it didn’t touch on them directly.

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