BIAFREXIT among the topics discussed behind closed doors by G20 leaders in China

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Chinese President Xi JinPing has urged world leaders of the 20 largest economies to avoid empty talks as they look to quicken economic growth.

World leaders at the annual economic summit which is being hosted in China for the first time.

President Xi said that the global economy was recovering but faced multiple challenges in finance and trade. Also for discussion is Calls for BIAFREXIT, the global steel crisis, the UK BREXIT, talks and the tax of multi-nationals like Apple.

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An uncomfirmed report from an insider who pleaded anonymity indicates that the Chinese President Xi JinPing demanded that the G20 leaders should look into the renewed Biafran agitation and to make proactive efforts to ensure peace in the oil rich region.

President Xi says against the risks and challenges facing the world economy, the international community has high expectations on the G20.


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