Biafrans Returning Home For Christmas Escape Lynching By Nigeria Soldiers And Arewa Youths In Kaduna

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Nigerian Soldiers in collaboration with AREWA youths blocked the only expressway leading to Biafraland from Kaduna on 23rd of December causing a horrifying traffic jam for about 7 hours. The youths allegedly planned to lynch the Biafran travelers but were prevented by the soldiers.

The suffering of Biafrans in Nigeria came to limelight again on the 23rd of December as AREWA Youths working hand in hand with Nigerian soldiers, blocked the only expressway leading to the east from Kaduna and left Biafrans traveling home for Christmas stranded for more than 7 hours.


In a video obtained by from an eyewitness who pleaded anonymity, these Arewa youths and Nigerian soldiers blocked the expressway at Tunga Maje suburb between Kaduna and the Federal capital Territory, Abuja.

“They felt that the biting fuel scarcity is not doing enough to stop a lot of Biafrans going home for Christmas, now they sent their Arewa youths Boko Haram Nigerian army to block Kaduna – east express road at Tunga Maje suburb of the FCT, Abuja. This left thousands of Biafrans traveling to the east stranded for over 7 hours. I am not sure if anybody was killed in the process, but Biafrans must be cautious.
” the source said.

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This left about 15,000 Biafran commuters stranded for about 7 hours. Those worse affected by the wicked and senseless blockage were little children and pregnant women.

It is public knowledge that the Nigerian government headed by Muslims causes artificial fuel scarcity every Christmas thereby causing untold hardship for Christian travelers.

On further inquiry into the matter, a Nigeria military official who wants to remain anonymous told Afroinsider reporter that the Arewa youths had planned to kill every Biafran traveling home but were prevented by the military.

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He said they argued with the military for about 7 hours before the military won them over by telling them that these Biafrans are recording what is going on Facebook live. That should they commence the killings that it will spell doom for both the country and the military.

Meanwhile, suspected Arewa youths invaded a church in same southern Kaduna  on Christmas day and killed every worshiper.

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