BIAFRAEXIT REFERENDUM- Amaechi, Wike, Timipre, Others Unite, Kick Against Freedom Of Niger Delta

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indigenous people of Biafra

The political big wigs in the Niger Delta region who were hitherto enemies has allegedly UNITED to stop BIAFRAEXIT  REFERENDUM from taking place in the riverine, also known as south south areas of Biafraland. According to reliable information gathered from Niger Deltans on social media, some unscrupulous elements in the Niger delta has began lobbying at the U.S. white house to stop the imminent BIAFREXIT REFERENDUM taking place in Niger delta. These likes of Wike, Amaechi and Silva has been fingered as making a move to stop the impending BIAFREXIT referendum. A top Niger Delta activisit  posted the following on facebook:

“I told you the politicians will fight tooth and nail to thwart revolution. The South-South is the cow from which the North derive their milk. They will clutch onto it’s mammary gland. Our sources keeping eagle eyes on the White-house have supplied their findings. Read and see that what they want is a REFERENDUM that will be HOMOGENEOUS. Read and spot the principal actors. I have told River’s people that Wike and Amaechi are using us to achieve personal aims. They are not rivals. Oya read and see for yourself,” the source said.

“My brother Russell, I got an insider info from the zoo embassy in New York today, that Wike, Amaechi and co agreed to keep SS out of Biafra.

There’s serious lobbying in the Whitehouse to keep SS out of Biafra. I was told that Britain said if only the 5 SE states go, Nigeria will survive and still continue but if SS go with Biafra, there’ll be no Nigeria

Please tell our brothers that Hausa/Fulani, our SS politicians. and Britain are hell bent on keeping SS in Nigeria. The referendum is real. they don’t want SS to partake in the referendum. They want only SE. If I get any more info, I’ll let you know. Remain Blessed.” He said.

Meanwhile, the sitting governor of Rivers State, Bar Nyeso Wike’s pictures showing were he visited the Sokoto Caliphate was everywhere on facebook last week

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