Biafra – How Nnamdi Kanu Attain Messiah Status Riding On Buhari’s Back- By Prof. Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

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Sequel to the massively boycotted Anambra election on Nnamdi Kanu’s order, eminent Professor Onyemaechi Ogbuweze has written a piece titled Nnamdi Kanu Won. In this apocalyptic and poetic article laden with biblical undertone, Professor Ogbuweze highlighted the how former Nigerian Dictator and current civilian President Mohammadu Buhari catalyzed Kanu’s rise to Messiahood.

The eminent Professor was able to link every milestone Kanu attained to Jesus Christ of the bible doing exactly same at some point.

See Prof. Ogbuwezeh’s article below.

Nnamdi Kanu has won!!!

I never dreamt that I will ever be compelled by facts to come to this conclusion.

Whatever happens to Nnamdi Kanu today; he has won.

This opinionated rabble rouser won due to the superlative unintelligence of Buhari’s government.

He was an unknown element plying his vituperative rhetoric on the outbacks of an internet radio that couldn’t boast a broad audience.

He was a nobody; until he played Buhari into rescuing him from the peripheries of irrelevance. He set a trap for the rat; and the biggest rat of all, brainlessly swallowed that.

Today he has exposed the rat’s underbelly for the world to see; that what the rat has been pretending to; was a wooden apology of a democracy.

It is unfortunate but true.

Nnamdi Kanu has won.

If you kill him; he will become a martyr to a cause that was there before he was born. He would be a a pointer to history of how a smart Mbe Nwaniga (The Tortoise) impregnated a foolish elephant.

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If you kill him; he may become a religion.

That was how the foolishness of the Roman State allowed the Sanhendrin to murder the opinionated, coarse, Galilean preacher; Jesus, who called himself: the Son of Man.

After his crucifixion, he became a religion. His disciples started calling him the Son of God.

Today, history is divided into before and after that guy; who went to the Wall Street of his day; and threw out the money changers out of their offices.

Today the guy who called Herod the Patriarch a Fox; and the High Priests of various principalities; brood of vipers; is now worshipped as Jesus Mighty God.

Today; this guy who was throwing curses left, right and center: cursing the unproductive fig tree; cursing those who would lead any of these children astray and so on; is being praised with psalmodic tunes; like Gentle Jesus meek and Mild.

Today, this guy who was distributing “woes” to every idiot who merited it : “Woe betide you lawyers” (Luke 11:46), “Woe to you teachers of the law” ( Matt. 23: 13), “Woe to you hypocrites” (Matt.23:14) is today worshipped as the Prince of peace.

His religion is now the largest in the world. And the places he lived and walked are now centers of pilgrimage and called Holy land.

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His opponents?

History has continued to paint them as villains. Herod. Pontius Pilate. Caiaphas. Judas. etc.

What many who read about the theological Jesus could never contemplate is the fact that this guy was a rowdy; uncouth; dangerously opinionated, and coarse, itinerant preacher; who challenged the monied interests; ruling religious dynasties; and royal establishments of the day; who see themselves as rulers by divine right; in a neo-religious-feudalism gone awry.

He made a whip and flogged the shit out of his opponents. Both actual and metaphorical.

The establishment caught cold when he sneezed. His people even denied him: is that fool not the son of Joseph and Mary!!! Do we not know his brothers? Those who profited; or who nursed expectations of profiting from the rotten status quo; all denounced him.

Only the poor and those who hungered and thirsted for justice flocked to him. He was not a mainstream or establishment guy. He was a guy of the hoi polloi. He was at home with the touts, the Agberos and the Ashawos of his day. The establishment denounced him as eating and dinning with sinners and tax collectors. To be a tax collector in those days is the equivalent of being a 419er in Nigeria. Those were his people.

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When the establishment felt they have had enough; they sent a Battalion of soldiers to do “Operation Python Dance” in front of his retreat at a side garden called Gethsemane.

They eventually murdered him. In between two thieves. Even at his trial; those he fought for abandoned him and took the side of the thief Barabbas.

But today; some of my black brothers are swearing of miracles courtesy of his name.

That is how religions are born.

So; if you kill Nnamdi Kanu today; this scenario is not impossible. History is littered with a plethora of examples.

He has won!

His grave would become a pilgrimage center to all; who see Nigeria as an amorphous contraption of sickening injustice.

If you jail him; you would transform him into a Mandela.

In a Nigeria; where the majority live for anything and die for nothing; Nnamdi Kanu has written himself into history.

From henceforward; whenever and wherever the history of Nigeria is chronicled; his name would appear as that eminent boil, that terrorized Buhari’s scrotum. He will be remembered as that petite shit that riles the anus.

You can never wish him away. Not anymore.

I may not have liked his rhetoric; but he appears to be smarter than his opponents.

He has won.

Eat your heart out.

Prof. Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

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